Chinese New year eve. Nothing much has changed in the past. Im always at home to help out things with whatever i can do. It just normal days to me. But in fact it kept me even busier than usual. To serve the guests. It a very repetitive and tiring job for you see people enjoy their holiday while those holding as host will be busy like #$%#^. But anyway, i did enjoy few days back with dear as well. He is also kinda busy cny to him is even normal days. He has to work. There's not much noises or visiting for him so i guessed he is really even bored in cny. But this year will be different. You will be visiting my family and my grandmother :) On the 25th u will also be bringing me to your colleagues house for steamboat right ^^ You are not lonely dear :)
There's some activities in the past weeks and let me upload some photos ^^
His pose never changes :P 
We were going to watch movie after this : We bought a zoo! A very touching story. Inspiring. Dear ordered curry to eat and i had baked rice. In any case, next time any of u going to wan zai in cineleisure, just order any of the curry. And i guaranteed that you will be very satisfied with it.
This is the curry!
 The sucky baked fish! No wonder they put a surrender white flag on my baked rice cos it wasn't nice :x

A few days after, i 吵着 dear that i want to try the buffet town at raffles city. Dear of course always give in to me ( Cos he wanna try too :x) Hehe, we went there rather late because raffles city carpark was full. So instead, he parked at marina square. As it was quite far, we walked about 15-20 minutes to raffles city. By the time we reached there, it was already 8.20pm and dear was telling me : Seems like no more good food left. Haha. But we still went in to eat in the end. Order lots of foods. And swallow all the foods in :x  
These are the foods we ate at buffet town. It is not a perfectly delicious foods but for the price we pay , it still acceptable because it has lots of variety. But no harm trying it there ^^

And also, im now also an aunty of 2 kids. My nephew, sheng zhuo, finally turned 'man yue'. Thinking of it, im already getting old. Next time i will be called aunty (yiyi). Dear went to my nephew celebration as well. He drove me , mum and dad there. He was so nervous for it was the first time driving my dad. He felt stress :x But he drove very well. Dear, your 'P' plate can be removed soon!! Happy for you :) But these few weeks you better drive safely! So early in the morning , we went to clementi RC for sheng zhuo's celebration.
See this botak boy :P Hehe. Ah bo removed his hat and make me took a shot of him while he's asleep in my mum's arms :x
Dear also playing at playground :P
There's also photos taken together with my family :) This is one photo which was taken there with dear before he left for work. After the party had ended, i stayed on to helped out to clear those buffet items, bring those leftover foods back to my aunty's house and reorganise the place to its original settings. Then i went down to orchard to shop. My cousin also bought apple for me and dear when she went taiwan. Thanks Jia ting!! :D I bought a dress at orchard for my cny. Gonna wear it in 2 days time :)

Last week, i also went to dear's house to pass him some studies notes to better prepare him for his exams. Dear brought me to eat lunch somewhere far from his house, by foot! Its so far and hot that i started to complain to dear. :x We ate ba chor mee and he bought blue bandung Ice blend for me to drink. So unique! If u want to know where it sells, ask Wei Xiong :P 
 As he worked night shift the day before, he was just sleeping practically on his bed, with vivi (the toy he named) :x 
I disturbed him :x climbing on the back of him :x
Dear, dun angry. A proper photo of us l? :P Im LIM WEI XIONG, see the bag im carrying? That's mine! Just cam whoring at the bustop waiting for bus. He is going to school while i? Meet my sister at bugis . 
Ceyi made de pineapple tart. Yummy yummy!! Its nice haha. Lucky i have my share too :P 
Dear looking at my camera but his mind was busy flipping the pages of the menu. We ate ichiban sushi at plaza singapura yesterday ^^ We watched the move: the girl with dragon tattoo. We came home late but had enjoyed the day. Dear was also rather quiet yesterday thinking about his sui-ness. But rest assured, your luck will change for the better soon :D
I bought this mascara!! Shiqi said its good to use. So i bought it n try. Its good though, but needs lots of coats of layer then can make it long!

Everyone! Happy CNY though its raining now

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