Customized Ombre Rainbow Cake!!

Just wondering why i had so many posts of rainbow cake at once, I had recently turned 25th this year!! (Had already become 25 last Sunday).

Ombre has becoming so in fashion that you can find on hairstyle, eyelashes and even cakes!

Few months back, i was crazy about having ombre hair (Xiong felt that it was a total disaster) but i decided to go for block hair colouring at Artica  (Read here). Though the hair colour had totally faded off by now, but at least i had purple hair once.

And introducing my

Ombre Cake!!

Too pretty to cut! Imagine how much efforts the baker had to do for the roses on the outer layer. 3 different colours! I was told to thaw the cake for 30 minutes before cutting.

Looking at the side

Full creamed

But best of all... ... Inside the cake... ...

My dainty rainbow cake!

Thanks to my love, he got this cake for me. This is of coursed a customized cake! I remembered telling him once that i wanted a ombre rainbow cake and this is what he got for me!! The cake was really good!! The cream is rich and the cake is devilishly good. The multi colour cake make you irresistible. And my family indulged in this heavenly cake! 

I have no idea how much this cake cost but definitely not the price you can get from normal bakery shop. 

The sticker gave you away honey,

The website for the Production Kitchen is so cool. You can also check out their facebook. They make beautiful, interesting cakes that suit almost all event.

Previously, i had also customised Xiong's birthday cake from the famous blogger: Shiberty

Just some ideas if you are looking for customised cake ^^

On that day, though i have the prettiest cake on earth (O.O), Xiong wasn't there to sing a birthday song for me (只有唱歌才有过生日的感觉). He had to work till 10pm and i cut the cake without him.   

But still, thanks for the cake, i loved it a lot. Seriously, i didn't expect that you would prepare for me. I even asked my mum to buy a small cake for my celebration. That was how my mum gave you away. Though you were not there, you have the next few days with me to Genting. Had enjoyed the trip, food and weather (and losing money in adult's arcade O.O). 


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    1. Hey Monice!! Glad to see you here! Yeah! Sinful but very happy :D