Malaysia Genting Trip in July 2014 Day 1

I had a special birthday celebration this year; not only getting an ombre cake, i was also overseas during that weekend. My trip to Genting lasted 3 days 2 nights. Though the outdoor amusement was demolished, the indoor mini theme park is still around.

" ... we are closing Genting Outdoor Theme Park from 1st September 2013 for 3 years to make way for the world's first Twentieth Century Fox World"  

In the past, i had only traveled to Genting Malaysia with my family. I was too well taken care off that i had never know how to book the hotels at Genting on my own. Initially, i tried booking from Agoda but it was impossible to as they stated that it was only available for members. Only after asking my mum, i realized that only through travel agency, we will be able to purchase the coach tickets and hotel together. 

As it was weekend, our package was very expensive, costing $250++ per pax, staying in Hotel Resort (a better one compared to First world Hotel). As many of the coach buses end their destination at the Mushroom Farm, we decided to go for Transtar which is the only coach bus which alight passengers at Hotel Resort. 

    Entrance of Hotel Resort

Lobby Hall

The trip to Genting was enjoyable as now video screens were installed on coach buses. The video kept me so occupied that i hardly had any winked through 7 hours straight.

We checked in at the counter once we reached the hotel. 

Before entering the room, do always knock the door and say : Excuse me, i am going to occupy this room for 2 nights. It may seems that its an 'extra and unnecessary' thing to do but you never know what or who was lurking in that room :X  

Mini corridor 

Toilet is spacious and comfortable. 

The room is comfortable to the max!! Big enough to lay your barang barang around anywhere! There is no aircon install except for a fan above you. The room is already cold without turning the fan on (you are already in the clouds!). After dumping our bags in the room, we left the hotel.

The very first thing to do is to make our casino card at their counter.  :X

Exploring Genting... ...

The outdoor theme park 

Man, i was really tired. 

The weather was too cold that I felt my jacket wasn't thick enough to keep me warm. 

Hotel Resort and First World hotel is linked. You don't have to worry walking under the cold weather.

Walking towards First World.

The Mary Brown 

The tram ride which has been around for years!

As it was a Friday, the shopping mall was quite quiet.

Settled out lunch at Hainan Kitchen. The food there was not bad (I must be really hungry!) and there were many empty seats around. 

Lunch of the day

We walked around First World, looking around and trying to tap for wifi :| The bowling allay, cinema ktv are still around but we couldn't find the Indoor Archery Range. After walking around, we discovered Starbucks near the bus terminal and decided to stop by there to tap wifi :X 

They wrote my name on my cup! Publicly announcing that : Hey, its mine alright!

2 Elvinas?

Starbucks allows us to tap their wifi for only 2 hours! Remember to buy their coffee and only then you are entitled to use their wifi for free (You have to request for their pin number at the counter for the login). 

At night... we stayed up exploring both casinos (the one at First world and Hotel Resort).Will be blogging Day 2 up next!


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