Home Based Gelish Manicure in Tampines (East Singapore)

I love going back to my manicurist, Joycelyn, again and again because she can paint my nails within an hour.

As i had decided to take a half day leave to rest for today, I booked an appointment with her to pamper my nails. My nails had been really brittle and unkept for weeks.

The reason i always go back to her was because she
  1. is very skilled and precise. She can complete my nail art within an hour.
  2. Reasonable price (of course)
  3. Convenient for me  :D
  4. Great service!
  5. Meticulous in her work 
  6. Very creative! There had been few times i had no idea what i want. I mentioned i wanted flowers and she drew it free-style! Amazing!

Here are some of the designs she had done on my nails!

There are more of course but i only upload those i could find. I went home to wash my clothes immediately after i finished manicure >.<
To find out where i did my nail, look out for her Facebook Page: Joycelyn FB Page. Like her page and support her!!

 I'm lovin my nails! and thanks dear for the sponsor >.<

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