Street Directory: Offers Near you!

Hi guys! I have something to share today!

It is an awesome apps. Let me introduce to you.

This is actually from Street Directory. What happens is that when you download this apps, they will be able to locate your current location and inform you of what offers there are which is near your vicinity.

So... Here we go:

1) For apple user , search for ''Singapore Map'' under apps store. It applies the same to android users. It's free!

2) Download it.

3) You can choose to sync with your facebook page to login.

4) Make sure you turn on your current location so that they know where you are.

5) Look at the bottom of the screen. Click on that and that is where they will tell you the stores which were offering promotions!

6) Redeem the promotion by showing the store on the promotion on your phone.

And tada! Scroll down the page to look for promotions or offer near you. With such handy app you have, you can save even more .. AND MORE! After you have redeem, you can drop a review for their service!

So... Download and try it now!!

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