Tokyo Luxey [Meet-Up] at P.S Cafe

If you had noticed my blog well enough, i had actually added the category for

Tokyo Luxey is a website which focus largely on Japanese cosmetics and beauty products, introducing these products into Singapore. I have always been a fan of Japanese fashion and beauty and was totally intrigued by their clothes and makeup from the first time i bought ViVi magazine.

Thanks to Tokyo Luxey, i was invited to their meet-up session on 11th July at P.S Cafe at Harding Road. Though it is difficult to hop on a cab at Holland Village, i still managed to get on one and went to Dempsey Hill with Serene (another awesome blogger- do remember to check her out!).

We were given few products to try on. Let me slowly explain one by one ^^

  1. Skin Conditioner
  2. Eclafuture
  3. 24hr Cosme Foundation
Here we go... ...

Albion :Skin Conditioner Essential Toner

This toner is top selling product in Japan since 1974.  Do you know why this product is selling like hot cakes in Japan?

This product is amazing because it helps to restore the rhythm of skin and creates smooth and healthy skin.

It has 6 benefits:

  1. Prevent skin roughness
  2. Fresh skin
  3. Clear Skin
  4. Prevent acne
  5. Tighten the skin
  6. Soothe redness from sun
Use this product in the morning and night.After cleansing face, put a generous amount in the cotton pad and blend it over the entire face using a light padding motion. 


This product will be make its appearance only in July 2014. I was given a one week supply to try out this product! Elcafutur mean Bright Future. It helps repairs damaged skin cells on a daily basis. 

  1. Transform skin texture so that your skin will appear more springy, pore less noticable and skin texture more refined
  2. Its has light sweet floral scents and refreshing feel! 

Use this product after cleansing . Take 2-3 pumps on palm and spread over the whole face.

24hr Cosme Foundation

Opening the packaging

The foundation has good, light coverage. It is very convenient to use if you running late for work or meeting. Just apply the foundation on your skin and you are ready to go. I love the packaging for it is printed with polka dots! 

Thanks to Tokyo Luxey, i am glad to be able to receive such amazing products. During the meet up, other bloggers and I were treated to ..

Chicken Rossa Penne.

This pasta is delicious but the potion is too big! As much as i want to, i couldn't finish the food. Tokyo Luxey is very generous to treat us to this dinner!!

The full size bottle !

And lastly, the pretty girls (bloggers) at the dinner!!

Thanks for reading!!

Also, they are currently having the Tokyo Luxe Special Edition Gift Box.

Click HERE to find out more!!

Do remember to check Tokyo Luxey on facebook!!

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