Updates on weekends!

I have been delaying many of my posts as i was busy these days.

Busy with my meet-ups, love and my family. I am going to update what i had did for the past 2 weekends.

NDP Preview 

Thanks to Xiong's colleague, we were able to attend the NDP review this year. Though we had ballot for the tickets, never once were we able to win any. Marina Square was extremely filled with people everywhere; all the eateries were fully occupied and McDonald was definitely a great place to packet your food to the preview.

We followed the crowds and finally reached the entrance. Our fun pack was yellow.


There was only one route to the floating platform. We slowly streamed in with the other spectators and  finally reached our seats. 

One way route

Beautiful Singapore

Look at the empty seats

We were early. Mascot kept us busy for a little while before the show started.

So cute!

But first, let's take a selfie!

NDP preview is pretty standard every year. They would have the march-in, singing of national anthem, parachutes, air force and display of Singapore Civil Defense ( air, land, sea).   

NDP preview ended off with the finale and fireworks. 

World Cup 2014: Holland Vs Brazil

Last week, Xiong and I went over to his friend's house to watch a match between Holland and Brazil. As it was the second last match, we felt that we should try placing some bet into Holland or otherwise we would have to wait for another 4 years. Watching the match was exciting since we had invested some money into Holland. At night, the few of us were thinking how to watch the match using the plasma TV. Unfortunately, none of us had the correct cable to connect Tee Peng's mac book to his flat screen. We felt pathetic if the few of us were to squeeze watching world cup through his 13 inch macbook air.

And of course, in such circumstances, one hero definitely had to step in, and that was Xiong. He drove all the way back from Seng Kang to Pasir Ris to carry his CPU and back to Seng kang again so that all of us could watch the match. And finally, at 4am, the matches started... ...

Random and lousy quality picture.

And i event brought over my rilakkuma to sleep over in case i was too tired.

Holland had scored the first goal too early. Nearing the end of the game, i thought i would be able to recoup my losses until Holland score the third goal... ... All my betting went down to drain, couldn;t recover any losses at all for all the matches i played. 

Sad life.

But never mind, for Russia World Cup 2018, i will be back, Singapore Pool!

MacRitchie Reservoir

On a nice Sunday morning, we slept till noon, thanks to the world cup which drains my blood money and energy. Xiong was having his off day too. In order to not spend any more money, we decided to the visit MacRitchie Reservoir on a impromptu decision. The reason we went there was because we wanted to visit the HSBC TreeTop Walk. I had applied spf 80 sun block, no make-up, clothes for baths later, shoes, antiseptic wipes , mineral water, camera and sun glasses. When we reached there at 4pm, only then we realised the TreeTop closed at 5pm. 

Nice one.

And the trail was about 5km to the Treetop from the carpark.

Nice one.

Immediately, we brisked walked into the trail with many other joggers.


 5km is no joke.

It was a good walk but as we were rushing to go to the TreeTop, it wasn't a good experience. We were to carrying our bags around in slippers. As a results of the 5km, my feet grew to more than 3 blisters on each foot with each blister burst. To make matter worst, i brought my antiseptic wipes but i had forgotton to bring its most important ally: plaster. As a result of 10km walk, not only we couldn't get to the TreeTop (It was already closed when we were there), my feet sore to the max that i couldn't even wear any slipper right now. My shoes were abandoned in Xiong's car as i wanted to be "more comfortable" through the journey.

But i was totally wrong.


More up-slope

And finally the TreeTop entrance

This path will lead you to the bridge.

After the walk, we were both tired, sore and hungry. We ended up dinner at the Upper Thomson Road having Mookata. 

Can you see my eyes were half closed?! I was in bad shape after the walk. 

But i will be back again! See you real soon TreeTop! 

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