My 25th birthday with Colleagues!!

My 25th Birthday!!
(Like announcing my age :X) 

I am so glad that i have my colleagues, friends and family to celebrate my birthday. There is nothing more i can ask!! As you get older, i felt that having accompany on your big day is a blessing.

During lunch, my colleague drove us all to NOM Bistro again If you haven know about NOM, you can click here for my previous post for a short read! Well, we were there for the Rainbow Cake!!

We ordered our main course and sides. I ordered something different this time as i had rosti on my first visit.

My cup of Cappuccino!! 

Chicken Skin

Surprisingly, it is very nice! Very crispy!

Chicken Wing (not bad)

Fish and Chips

At the end of lunch, my colleague ordered 2 cakes to share. One of them had to be rainbow cake of course!!

Evertyime i went to NOM, i couldn't get to eat the chocolate fudge rainbow cake. Though it was my third visit, i have not get a chance to try  :( Upon asking, we were told that the cake will only be available the next day :( 

If i am not wrong, it is peanut butter cake.

This chocolate peanut butter cake tasted more like brownie than a cake. The chocolate is thick yet sweet.

And finally,

Happy Birthday to me !!

Thank you guys!!

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