Hanaka Intensive Renewal Facial Mask Review

Hello guys! In this post I am going to share one product which was purchased from Taiwan too! It was highly recommended by my colleague actually (She follows Taiwan blogger a lot) and I get to know this affordable and effective product from her.

Hanaka Intensive Renewal Facial Mask

Look at the expression. So cute right >.<

This is taken from here

Basically, it is one stop mask for brightening dull skin, firming and hydrating! 

So, let's try out to see if this product is effective.

This is how i looked after cleansing my face. My skin is so dull! :( Also, i have sensitive skin. 

White and transparent type of gel mask. Smells nice too! 

It is very watery, sticky texture. So you can just imagine how it hydrates your skin upon application.


Oh yes, i know i look scary without makeup on.

  1. Apply the mask on your skin after cleansing. After application, i could feel the cooling effect of the gel.   
    Apply the whole face

  2. Apply a thick layer of mask over your face, 
  3. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Washes them off after that.
As the mask wouldn't go dry, i am able to move my face freely. But of course i wouldn't move my mouth or cheeks that much as i was afraid that the mask won't work well on my skin if it keeps moving :x And i always time during mask. After 15 minutes, i wash them off.

As i apply a thick layer on my face, washing off the mask is a bit problematic. The gel would stick to my palms again and again that i wash my palms longer than i wash my face :x 

After drying my face... ...

Whiter and brighter!

I complete my facial routine with toner and moisturiser. 

I remember purchasing this product for NT299 which is about $13 from Shop86. It is 250g and you can apply on your face many times. What i like most is that it can really instantly brighten my skin after that. Though i have no idea if this product can be found in Singapore, but with the help of internet, i believe you can easily purchase from internet.      

After i masked, i applied my makeup as normal. 

I know i very 自恋 haha!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. To help you get the mask off, there's supposed to be a Hanaka spatula the store was supposed to give you at the time you purchase it. You can use any spatula to scrap the mask off first and them wash any of the remaining gel off with a warm face towel to make rinsing faster. Anyway, I was looking for a review on this mask since I bought the other charcoal one. thanks for the review!

  2. Oh thanks for this! I was looking for good instructions.