Brunch at Habitat Coffee

These few days i've been an active blogger, posting posts after posts! There are some other which i have yet to give my review on but i shall work harder to post all of them up by this week!

And yeah, one little quiz here:

What goes up but never comes down?

Don't have to think so much. The answer can relate to all of us.

Answer is AGE.

Okay everyone, face it. You cannot escape from coming old. Well, i am in my mid 20s soon (Oh God!) and i know that all mid 20s will go through some sort of crisis. But its alright, i have friends and boyfriend going through with me right now. That's the great thing of having friends. You hang around with the people of same age group who grew up together with and they know all sorts of embarrassing things you did in your life.     

And we meet up on every birthdays! This year... at

I realize cafes like serving big menu where you can find appetizer, main course and drinks all on a page. Well, its a good thing afterall. 

I made a reservation at 11am on a Sunday morning. It is kinda great because some of the cafes do not take in reservation on weekends due to high volume, but Habitat Coffee not only takes in reservations, they even hold the table for you for 15 minutes before releasing to others. I know that some of you might think that:  Hey, its the restaurant standard what! But i felt that it is really kind of them to inform you that your table is secured even if you are late! 

Cafe counter

As we were early, the cafe wasn't fully occupied with patrons until 12pm. We sat down, placed our bags on the chair and began camwhoring.

Well, girls are girls.

Jasmine and Lesley

After some photo-taking, i went over to the counter to take the order. The good thing is, there is no GST or service charge! However, you do still get to enjoy great service and attitude from the staffs. While waiting for our foods, babes gave me my advanced birthday present!

Great stuffs hidden in this cute polka dot box. 

Innisfree products!

I had long wanting to try Innisfree products but i stopped myself from buying (EVERYTIME) because I have yet to use my products finish. With these, i can start experimenting on their products!! *Excited* Thanks babe! 

Slowly, one by one our foods were served. Look at their menu here!

Cappuccino $4.90

Chocolate regular $4.90

Egg Benedict $12

'Poached eggs and honey baked ham n tomato bread topped with home made sauce'

Mama's Banana Pancakes $10

'Pancakes topped with maple syrup, caramelized bananas, drizzled with chocolate & strawberry syrup'

The Big Ben $ 14

'Scrambled egg, honey baked ham, chicken cheese sausage , frilled tomato and mini potato pancakes'

Last but not least, as all of us love churros, we ordered one too. Was surprised that Habitat Coffee serves churros too!

House-made Churros $9

'Soft fried dough fritters coated with cinnamon sugar and served with warm chocolate ganache'

The foods were pretty good and economical. Situated along the shop houses at Upper Thomson Road, one can get up early to have a sumptuous breakfast in a nice cafe. The cafe is pretty convenient as it is a walking distance from Marymount MRT. If you intend to visit the cafe over the weekend, it is best to call them up to make a reservation or otherwise you will have to wait. 

In terms of prices, Habitat Coffee charges foods economically as compared to other cafes in Singapore. For a typical big breakfast, other cafes could be charging >$15 but their Big Ben costs $14. The serving is big enough to fill my stomach too ^^. With their affordable prices, plus no GST and service charge, it definitely wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket!


We couldn't get to eat any piece of that desserts as all of us were already full. 

And of course, my babes were there with me! Was really glad to meet them up. If only Adeline was there, then the picture would be complete. But still, thank you babes for the gathering. It wasn't easy to meet up ever since each of us are busy with work now. We shall meet up real soon again!

Not forgetting my love who send all of us to the cafe ^^

Thank you love 

At last, one group photo

223 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355
Tel: 6456 2567

Operating hours
Tue- Fri: 11am - 10.30pm
Sat- Sun: 10,30am - 10.30pm
Mon: Closed

If you manage to see till here, i would like to say :
Thank you for reading! 

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