Today is happy day!! My exam date falls on this date (morning) and today is my dear's birthday too!! I have been preparing my this exam paper for about a month. ( I prepared my exam slowly) And finally, today is the day where i throw all my knowledge out hahaha!! Now exam is over, i have bkk waiting for me, part time job waiting for me and a career path waiting for me. Just looking back at my education journey, there are times where i am really down and out and sick of reading and revising those notes. There are also time where i had almost give up but i did not. since at the age of 5, we had been to school almost everyday. And now, im hitting 23rd this year, these 18years of education really is a tiring process, but enjoyable at most of the times, with classmates, with friends and lecturers. There are many crazy staffs that we did that will not happen again in future. These are memories, my friends :) May all of them have a good start in career life!

And 28th April! Happy Birthday Wei Xiong! My dear haha. A very big happy birthday to you. I see you mugging for exam now !! Jia you wor, there's many many activities waiting for us. Like flying kite, like going pool, like going bkk!! Hahaha! So right now, u gotta work hard and pass all your paper. Work hard so you can relax after that :D Good luck good luck!! Hehe :D

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