Blogshopping becomes so easy when internet allows you to do all sorts of transactions online. Even getting samples online are just one click away. I chanced upon this website : Sample Store. It is very easy to navigate and it gives you a wide variety of samples to try on. Just register it and you are almost done soon.

The bad points: There are many items out of stock -.-
                         You have to pay for the shipping fee (at most $4)
The good point: Allows you to try whatever you want to try.
                         People who had tried will share their experience about the products

Yup, these are the items which i 'ordered' from the store. There are shampoo, cleanser and sunscreen. I had initially asked for biore sunscreen but it was not available, so in the end, they replaced me for another brand unheard of o.o The cleanser was recommended by my general doctor. She told me to get this brand because she is afraid i had sensitivities. But when i went to watsons to see, it was quite expensive , though not as expensive as clarins and biotherm :x But because it was a brand i did not hear of, i am rather skeptical of the effects of it. And also recently, this brand has been advertising a lot on tv and magazine, targeting on people with sensitive skin, and so i thought to myself that it might be good for me to try out first. But of course getting this just to pay for the shipping fee is not worth, so i added a few more items since im still paying for the same price haha. The first time i saw this brand of shampoo was on vivi mag, so just try it out then, and for the UV protection, i went to google on the brand Neogence, it is quite a new brand from taiwan so i presume it is safe to use too. I think it is like of physiogel, which has medical background. Let's try it out 1st ^^

Another post:

Hi wei wei, mummy put those films on your head for a display. Don't get angry yea? I know you are happy with those new decos on your forehead ^^ Yup, these are the films, ready to be used on 30th!

These are the films. Im so tempted to use those with cartoons! I wonder how they will look like :D

8 more days to exams. I only studied my text in the morning, as for afternoon and evening, i usually have my own time :) As for my dear... Haiz.. He has lots of things to do and settle. Not only work, he has to study, travel to and froth, revision, and settle some other administrative stuffs. If only he can hire one sectary to help him settle all those o.o And tomorrow, i will be meeting him. Hope he really has time ti do his revision :(

Dear 加油加油! 

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