Its wednesday. I've been counting the days since i last saw him. Dear had got back a few of his mock examinations. He scraped through those paper :x No doubt his results are surprising, it still shows that he has the potential to score higher marks. Dear ah, i know your work and travelling time has been eating your studies time away, but still, i have nt given up on you, so please please don't give up on yourself. Muackz!

It has been raining for the past few days. The weather was just so unpredictable. What is going on to the weather these days? It is so unusual. I have to on the lights even in the afternoon! But anyway, today is just another usual rainy day. As i can't find anyone to go out shopping with me, i had to went out by myself :( I had bought some items and foods and other necessities. With those heavy bulky items, i went to seng kang after my dinner, to collect masks from my seller. After getting the masks, the weight were just too heavy. Had a bit of backache since i've been walking about, plus the weight, its killing me. But! I still managed to reach home safely :)

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