Nando + Manicure

This week has been set aside for reading my journals and planning of activities. Yesterday, i went out to orchard again, to collect sephora items from my collegue. Ceyi bought several items from the sephora girl where staff enjoyed 40% off for in-house brand and 20% off for other brands. Its a good buy! After taking those things from her, i went into sephora to see if i have other things which i wanted. Of course i want everything :X But for this month, i had better saved up for bkk trip, for dear's birthday as well as my expenses.

Dear met me up after studying one whole afternoon at home. He was very tired of reading those words. His eyes were like perked up after meeting me o.o We had nando's for dinner yesterday. It was a good choice because Xiong had never tried before and i thought it was time to eat now. ^^.

 The popular dish from Nando's !

Looking at the menu... ...
Giving me a serious look >.<
Taking photo with the 4  sauces

I couldn't finish the potato salad and french fries. It was a lot of food and my serving was rather big. At least bigger than his potion. After eating dinner, dear sent me to Tnags before leaving for work. And me... walk about orchard for a little while before going home :)

Today, me and ceyi had a little exploration at tampines. On Monday, we made and appointment with joycelyn, the manicurist at tampines to book 2 slots for us on Thursday. This is the earliest date she can give us and so we just take it. Over the days, we had been looking at several designs on what we wanted on our nails. It was easy to locate her house. Her father in law opened the door and welcome us in. It was the very first time doing manicure in somebody's house. We felt shy and felt like intruders. However, the granny and grandfather are heartwarming. They are very nice to us too! In the manicure room, both of us showed her the designs we wanted and she started off immediately. She is very experienced and know what colour to go with. I told her i wanted flowers on 10 fingers and she gave me all! She draw it with her creativity. There was no guideline or any samples to see. My designs were one and only! Ceyi told me to draw 1st and so i did. It took her 45 minutes to complete my designs!

I definitely love this design!

This is Ceyi design, very cute and sweet looking unlike mine. I like her's too!

I shall go back to her whenever my nails needed some pamper from hard chores. Dear just woke up after i was done with my nails. He had a good long sleep today :) Happy for you dear :) Lunch was at macdonald, After eating our lunch, we again went to have an eyebrow trim near her house. Even the beautician was awe by our nails and she was tempted to do too!By the time i had reached home, it was already 4.30pm. Aftering doing some personal things, it was time to read up one chapt of my journal. One more to go !! Jia you!! 

Dear you jia you too!! ; D

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