Happy 2nd month!!

Dear! Happy 2nd month anniversary! By saying this out, people who come across my blog knows how long we've been together. But this this a blog where i think we should be honest. Dear, we have been dating for a quite a period of time since last year, 9 mths of unofficial and 2 months of official bgr. Over the years, we did lots of things together. Many many things worth to remember, our memories :D so fun n happy.
This time, i felt that i had made a right choice in being with you. Our love has not come easy because of me. You had suffered a lot because of me too.i hoped you don't feel that my choice with you is an act of compensation for your sufferings. When we chose to be together again, what we had done is because our feelings are right. Right about each other. What has past had past. I want to look forward with you.

Agreeing to be your gf for the second time, is because this time, i'm really sure i want to try a future with you . For years and months down the road, no matter how difficult our paths (will) be, we will definitely get over the obstacles together :) love you:) muackz

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