Happy 23rd Birthday + Afond Spa

Happy birthday my Dear!
You are officially 23 this year :)

I had my planning for dear's birthday for a month since. My exams are over, dear's birthday over, i finally have no stress at all. I will look for a proper job after im back from bkk :)

Here, i want to thanks Xiong's friends: Tee Peng, Tan Fei, Wei Teck, Shi Qi and Angela for making that 2 days a wonderful one. He was really happy and what's most important was : Your presences made a difference! It was the most difficult period for him as he had exams stress and work stress. This will not be able to happen if all of you never turn up :) 

I will just pen down the moments yesterday...

Yesterday morning, dear drove here to fetch me at 10.45am. I was late again, for my mum keep guessing the colour of my underwear (embarrassing) until to the point i was so fed up that i wore my safety pants before leaving the house :| Dear was already at my car park waiting for me and we were late for our destination! During the journey, he asked me if we were really going to the studio to take photographic ( As his birthday surprise). I did not say yes or no, but up to his imaginations. He had almost no idea where i was going to bring him to. For brunch, we went to Taste Paradise to have dim sum for brunch. Its a very romantic place and curtains were not drawn and the lights were soft. Very suitable for people who just work up. A comfortably place to dine in in the morning. As our next appointment started at 2.30pm, there's still time before our next activity. 

So walking around Ochard is the best solution. Xiong went to buy his parking coupon at SingPost and shopped around Forever 21 with me. I did not buy any clothes (Phew!) But its very nice shopping around with him. It's been ages since dear really shopped with me. I missed those days. When it was about time to travelled to our next destination, we left for Chinatown. By then, he had already guessed what's next! 

To the massage and spa... ...

Yup, our next activity is massage and spa at Afond. Afond Spa is a place where i searched on the internet. They provide couple spa  (Which i am looking for) for months. They have good reviews too and that was why my decision settled at afond. The ladies aren't pushy, neither they are very attitude. The whole experience was great. If next time i were to go to spa, i will definitely go back there. 

Upon reaching at Afond, the receptionist told us to change into slippers and guide us to the massage room. The place was very oriental and relaxing. Its a decent place by the way. The therapist are young and professional. The reason why i brought him there because i wanted him to relax. Relax his mind and body. Rejuvenate himself so that he can keep himself moving for the next 2 awful weeks. I guessed my choice is a right :) So when we were in the room, the lady told us to change and lie flat down so before the therapist came in. First they started off with scrub and scrub! The sea salts was very rough and you can feel them applying sand onto our body. But it was comfortable. Then next, we had to face our body face up and let them scrub the front. So means they had scrub me erm..... too. Of course i am very shy, but they remained expressionless. They told me: We see until don't want to see already. So i was like.... hmm.. ok :| After that they applied seaweed onto our body. This is where the seaweed wrap will purge all impurities out ouf the body. Not only that, we were heated under a kind of thermo blanket. Just imagine 2 mummy lying flat in the coffin. This is how we look like. The heat is bearable but i felt fidgety because i would not move. We were in the mummy position for half and hour :| After the torturing is over, we finally get to wash off those salts and seaweed from the body. And jacuzzi of course, followed by an hour of massage. Dear had almost fell asleep i guessed as it was very comfortable :x The whole experience was satisfying! In terms of price, i felt that it is justified because of the service and skills they provided.

And now next to the activity, we are having dinner at Timbre. I reserved 1 week before his birthday, so as to secure our seats. He had totally no idea what was going to happen. It was meant to be a secret surprise. But after much turn and arounds in the town area. Dear was getting tired and fed up as he had been going in and out of many ERP :| I kept my voice low and did not want to make him any angrier. I was afraid he's going to shout at me any moment :x Finally after many turns, we were late for our appointment. Our reservation was to be at 6.30pm but we reached there 15 minutes later. Dear parked at riverside mall. After crossing the road, i realised by shoe was spoiled :'( It was my favourite wedges. But that will not affect my mood. I decided to walk bare foot to Timbre.

When we reached there, dear turned his head and saw familiar faces. I was thinking: Shit! He was too rejuvenated. It was not a good sign. So i told him, its just coincidence dear :| Since they are there we might as well go in to join them :| Hahahaha. They had prepared the cake and plan went according smoothly! As it was an ice cream cake, we decided to celebrate to cut the cake before starting on any foods. To his surprise, he felt the design of the cake a bit too familiar, and took out my hand phone immediately to look at the anti-cap :x Haha, i copied the design! Dear had never had an ice cream cake before that was why this idea struck me. Moreover, Ben N Jerry allowed customisation which just makes all perfect! Wei Teck was taking photograph while the girls sang birthday song to the birthday boy. He cut the cake and we shared among us. Very quickly, the cake was eaten up haha. It was a chocolate Brownie and cookies an cream! The combination of these 2 flavours were delectable. Wei Teck, Shi Qi and Angela gave Xiong an Adidas tee and a birthday card. I will upload some photos later. Our FYP meeting are always great and fun. Waiting for Wei Teck to upload those photos. In the photo i must have looked very cui haha. 

After eating 2 pizza and chicken wings, we walked back to the car park (Me in barefoot again , but this time dear walked barefoot too !) While crossing the road, he carried me in order to prevent me from landing my feet on the road :D To the next destination: Wei Teck house. Dear went there to get a stack of notes from Wei Teck to study for his exams. We had our thirst quenched at hong kong cafe. But their water was a total disaster! Haha, Its either too sweet or sour :| Yucks! 

At Wei Teck's house, we played bomberman on his PS. Wei Teck has a very cool place for his games where we played all sorts of cute and fun games together. Its only after many rounds i realised my dear is a bomberman king! Cool! Bomberman king, a nickname for him from Wei Teck. Dear was really too rejuvenated! LoL! After that, all of us went home. 

Guys! Study hard for your exams! We shall meet again after the exams! Work hard and all the best ! You guys are great! 

I shall upload the photos slowly in my next post :)    

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