We went to watch battleship on sunday night. At marina square at 9pm. Yesterday, dear came my house because he missed me :P But of course he had brought along his revision notes and lao ban haha. And for dinner, we had pizza hut. Just a normal dinner at my house. I'm well fed. Time to update some photos ^^

I was at his house after going to punggol.

Twisted face

Peeked a boo! Lucky i trimmed my eyebrow last two weeks. Otherwise it would be unglam

Okok, i know there's far too much of our cam whore. I shall put other photos


Our ice cream!! Haha At udders before going home on a Saturday night!

Paisei, my dear expressions very limited :x This was taken at marina square before watching the movie : Battleship. Both of us did not wear anything nice to town. We were in our pyjamas and seriously, we went home to sleep in this outfit after the movie had ended.

The worst pasta we had ever ate!

We wore like this to marina square. Can you believe it? 

Hugging wei wei before going home

Wei Wei going school o.o

Life of a relax bear

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