Another post today for last week events :D There are many activities going on for the past week. After helping out the promotion in Tangs at Orchard, my sales rep transferred me to orchard point OG to maintain the counter . OG orchard point was pretty quiet (Or i should say very QUIET) as there weren't a lot of shoppers even weekends. Dear was also pretty busy with his things. He has to work, go for his UOL revision (even on weekends), accompany me eat and send me home after work. The last two listed were not compulsory but he still does it everytime he can. I know you are missing me :x But i also know you are maintaining our relationship well too. As time passes, it also made me a habit to see after work ends. Its kinda not used if i did not see you after work. Now, its time to work hard in your studies for all those time that you used on me dear.

Working is tired. And for the whole of March, i skipped lesson once because i was too tired. I just wanted more hours of sleep, to make up for the loss. And for the whole one week in OG, i was planning what to do on Wei Xiong's birthday. As his big day is approaching , i had been coming up few ideas which were feasible. Its just a question of whether if he will like it or not. But more or less, the draft is done, leaving the execution plan. 26 more days and im counting down. Counting down to my exam as well as his birthday. My exam falls on his big day. So, i will be celebrating for him on 29th April :) He might have some ideas already because his dear is very predictable. Just hoped that everything went well that's all :)

Talking about exams, i have to start study soon though i have one and only module. No doubt i just needed a mere 13 marks to get a pass, pass wasn't my aim ( I said that just to console myself). During this one month period, i believe all of us will work hard, or maybe work hard as usual so to say, for our last semester. And yet enjoying our final 冲刺. I will be keeping myself busy from dates, family gathering, planning from dear's birthday as well as my exams. There really isn't much time as i forsee. Dear, you also have to jia you, let's do it together, i know time is running out and time is tight, but im sure we definitely will have more time after our exams. Also, next month we are going for bkk trip! Look forward to it k? We haven change money haha. And our FYP JB trip, which has not been planned too :D Just a preview of what will happen after our exams :P

Last friday, i went to Shiqi house to chat up. Did some trading of clothes. I never know trading of clothes will be so fun. And our chats to update our happenings. Somedays i should be going back to her house. I left some things there. After that, i met my working at ion to pass her some clothes. Then, i travelled all the way to clementi to meet my dear. :)

Just the day before, we went to Watson's sales at takahsimaya b1. It was two hours more to closing but there were still many people shopping, doing their last purchases.I bought quite a number of items, with dear helping me to pay all my purchases before returning him in cash. At the loreal counter, i was told that i could get one free with any 2 purchases. I bought 4 items (2 original price + 2 sales items). At first they would charge one of it sale item free but during the next day when i checked the receipt, i realised i had paid all! And when dear helped me to go back and asked whether if i could get one free, the lady said that it was not valid because the sales had ended. So people, next time if you paid for it and there's no free item, you had better asked for it, otherwise you will end up like me, kana scammed!

My items !

Our cafe cartel visit on my last day of work :D

The cheesecakes! The dark chocolate taste better!

Our supreme platter

Me and my niece!!

My nephew sleeping with an invisible telephone O.O

I will update my blog soon again :D 

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