Its the second day not meeting dear. Dear has lots of reading and revising to do. He is doing his best to keep up with his planning. I know you will make this through! Muackz.

Technically speaking, Wei Xiong's is my third boyfriend o.o This is the second time i dated him. But not many people know what really happened back then. I did not really make this known, neither did he. We kept secret about it and known to ourselves. Now, everyone knows im happily attached to him and that he and i are an item :) We had the best wishes from our friends which i personally never really experienced previously.

He is one who makes me believes in him. Believes that everything that we say will come true, believe his heart and his love for me. When i was down and really upset, he was there to comfort and console me. His words are comforting. His presence made me relief..  That was all in the past. Now, As a boyfriend, he definitely holds more than a job of companion, but as a lover to me.

No doubts there are times when i did something wrong, he will chastise me, explaining to me plus a little nagging but in the end, he will put everything aside and still loves me like before. I had never seen someone so magnanimous. Well, he is the one. He plans all outings, from my birthday to the day we suspend our relationship and to our valentine's day. There are also other plannings too, very memorable ones :)

He also gives in to my ridiculous requests : fly kite, having fruits buffet, visiting mint museum, USS trip, demanding him to cook chicken curry for me, catching toys for me, pulling him into acarde to play street fighter,playing pespi cola 1, 2,3 -.- I know its ridiculous but.. its all these ridiculous things that i see his loving and caring personality. He can choose not to play these childish games with me but he still did. This really meant something :) I've seen him doing something funny that none of you ever see before (Very funny but i like :D )

With him, i am happier than before, i was used to making people smile but i guess now, he is one who makes me smile :D But dear, did i make you happier than you were? Even if deep down i know the answer, i still want to hear from you :)

Actions speak louder than words (Dear showed me this theory) But words complement your actions and give you a greater assurance, vice versa.

I wrote these feelings down here because i am really thankful and lucky to have you as mine. I can't say all these cos i know i will stammer in front of you. you dear

♥ your smile
♥ your laughs
♥ your playfulness
♥ your gentleman
♥ you for who you are...             

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