Today its one of the very few stay-home Sunday. Exam is starting on this Saturday and yet i still feel very clueless on what to study. But because its open book, i'm rather relief so i did not give myself much pressure. But during those past days, i was still reading my personal notes. Not so much of memorising, but just understanding the content of each chapter. Yesterday, i met up with Xiong. He came over my house to meet me up before going to mob movie together. This has become our fortnight activity :)

And yesterday too, he drove his car to the car wash at Shell station at gillimard road. It is my first experience sitting on the car and looking at people, spraying foam and splashing water at 'us'. Its quite an experience and dear, was also very enthusiastic haha. We had waited for quite a long time before our turn because there's many cars. Yet there were only 2 pathatic workers. And what was really worst was that dear's car was the dirtiest. I believed he haven been cleaning them for many weeks :x The old man was scrubbing and cleaning his car over and over again. Washing and scrubbing at the same time. Dear of course felt guilty for jamming the queue and of course, towards the old man who washed his car. Finally the car has been washed! And another man would clean those dripping water.

As time is running out, we went to buy fast food before reaching stadium walk. It was also my first time passing by the drive through area for McDonald haha. Many first time experiences :X Now i know how a drive through looks like :P

Yup, the above two are my first time experiences, but dear had his first time experience too! He drove into gelay serai the first time, park at city plaza the first time and had malay tutu kueh for the first time hahaha! The malay tutu kueh is so delicious that we ate 2 packets. Im glad that he likes it too!

Just another 6 more days to exams. Im feeling the pressure only now. As i was typing, i still felt that i am prepared more than enough, but the fact that i did not memorise anything made me guilty for not working hard. Anyway, i hope i can pass this paper smoothly. Dear also has been studying hard for the past few days. I do really wish that he can pass all these paper smoothly! Good Luck dear !!

Dear's stunned look haha

'While waiting for carwash 'look

Opps :P

At the drive thru :D

Being naughty on car. Telling dear to let's take a photo while waiting for the traffic light to turn green


Strong flash :x

Dear wor, take this few weeks and revise well for your exams. Other things can wait. Love you, muackz :)

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