I am back from chalet. We had a family gathering at siloso Beach Resort during the weekend and we had a fun time there. Though it was just a day, there's lots of fun! On Friday, we woke up at the usual timing and mum had to prepare bee hoon, and some other cooked food while we had to pack our clothes and stuffs. Dear was here early too! He had not slept since we worked the midnight shift. He was excited about it! In the early morning, it was raining heavily and i thought it was a bad start for our trip. But luckily, it stopped at 3pm and so, by the time we reached there, the weather was pertty good and fine! Dear drove in for free, as we had the confirmation letter from our cousin and dear parked illegeally outside the resort because the parking lot within was full. We explored the whole area of the resort. It was an eco resort, pretty and interesting. With nature as its theme. The room was big too, with four bed and  2 'cannot-be-locked' toilets. After we had settled down, dear and i , my sis and darren, mum and dad all went to explore sentosa. Mum and dad walked over to RWS o.o, while me and dear went to look for carpark the whole evening. We walked to imbiah station and nearing RWS to find parking lots, but we never knew there's another big indoor carpark at beach station -.- It was very near to our resort. So we walked all the way to imbiah again and dear drove all the way down to beach carpark and later at night, he drove in to park for free -.- Haha. Just morning, he had topped up a huge sum on his cashcard and estimated a cost of $26 for the two days parking. But in the end, he paid $4 for the 2 days parking haha. Happy for you dear :D

At the resort, there's spring water in the swimming pool. But i did not get a chance into the pool but its ok :) There will be chance cos i want dear to be in pool with me haha. We took some photos in the resort. Some photos to see:

Taking photo in the car. Dear drove me and my brother into the sentosa!

Me and my nephew! He is such a cute boy. A lovely and a happy one, who will smiles at you and hyper active. Yiyi loves you :D

Just a candid photo. But it is pretty!

A photo in front of siloso beach resort. 

See this photo? Dear loves this photo a lot! You guys know why? Because the sunlight can reflect his muscles and show his outcome of this training for his arms. He kept complimenting himself after taking this photo. He was very satisfied with this photo! He kept telling me: Dear! 你看我的 muscles! 哇!超好看!

I asked dear to piggyback me and take photo:X 

At the garden roof top of siloso beach resort

A kind indian man offered to take a photo of us at the merlion :D I was carrying rillakuuma around haha:x 
Coffee bean time!!

Took a photo at RWS!

The malaysian food street at RWS

After going all these plcaes around, we went back to our room. Resting and bathing. The next day, we brought our breakfast up to the roof top, tgether with ah po, to see and enjoy the scenery of Sentosa.

 The scenery. Beautiful!

Our photo take with ah po with the help of dear

It was the last day of the stay and dear and i went home after cycling with my brother and young cousin. I got a little sun burn but it was worth it though. My skin had healed a little and i become a little darker. Dear drove my cousin to macpherson mrt station before sending us home. We had chicken rice yesterday for our dinner. The moment i went home, i helped to wash our clothes as well as dear de. After i had done the washing and we had taken our dinner, we bathed at the respective toilets and masked afterwards. I couldn't believe we fell asleep together while masking o.o To fall aslepp while masking meant that i was exceptionally tired. It was cause i did not sleep over that night. Dear had his fair share of beauty sleep. He was in deep sleep because he did not know what i had done to his hand haha. I was merely shifting and twisting his hand up and down cause i wanted to lie on his arm. But i guess he did not know what was happening :x

At night, we had movie mob at F1 village. Captain America here we go! Though we had watched it before, this movie is def worth to wacth again because it was very nice. When we drove in, there were already many cars there, with people directing us to where we should park the car. They gave us a piece of paper to look at:

Our first experience at movie mob sitting on the car. Opening the window, and breathing in fresh air haha. While watching, i spot a cockroach crawling on the window in front of me. It scared the hell out of me of course, and it was dark. I immediately on the iphone flash light and shone around the car. It was at the aircon !!! Dear took out tissue paper from my bag and crush it to death. It really scared me T.T But nevertheless, it was still an experience ^^ And so after watching, we went to orchard to eat marche for our supper haha. Mum did not scold me for being so late home :P No matter how late, dear will always send me to my doorstep and make sure im home safely. :D muackz 


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