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Recently, there are too many cafes around Singapore and they came like a wave. I know that there are more cafes coming up and perhaps countless of it but to all food lover crazes:


 To me, it's definitely a good news. They just motivate me to wake up on early weekend to queue for good food and coffee. My babes and I are ones who really love to try different cafes around Singapore. We could get up as early to wait for available seats when we couldn't make reservations.

Welcome to Arteastiq

We requested to sit near the windows as the lightings is much better and brighter compared to the front seats (near the entrance).

Flipping through her menu when i called out her name! *Cheese*

Jasmine and I

First Blush. Pancakes, salmon and scrambled eggs $17.80

Vanilla Latte $8.50

They provide only bottled mineral water. $5

When the food came, we were busy taking photos instead of tucking into our breakfast. More photos and photos.

Aurora $17.80

Group shot

I didn't take lots of photo as we were busy chatting the moment we sat down.

The 3 of us have been friends for 11 years (since I was Sec 1). We remained in good contacts even though we separated our way after that 4 years in Secondary school days. That 4 years of life in school days were made perfect because we have each other. And now we are walking into different paths but we never failed to meet up occasionally. Adeline was busy with her work but she will try to meet us whenever she can.

From 12pm, we sat and chatted until about 3.30pm. There was so many things to catch up in our lives. And BFFs are the ones who stand by you no matter how busy our schedules are.

Try Arteastiq! For they served delicious perk-up brunch and coffees. If you are looking for a cosy place for a mini gathering  (4-5 people), Arteastiq will serve this purpose very well. Not only that, there is also an Art Jam just beside the café. For customers who would like to show the artistic side of you, you can join in the painting session at specific timings.


Mandarin Gallery
#04- 14/15
33 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 8370

Painting Session
11:00am - 2:00pm
2.30pm - 5:30pm
6:00pm - 9:00m
Tel: 6235 8705

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