Nom Bistro & Bakery @ Macpherson CC

Hello guys! Back to Cafe Hunt! I have been to some cafes around Singapore recently. Though i had only managed to explore a few, i shall still blog and post photos of what I had there... ...

And this time, exploring neighborhood cafes:

NOM Cafe(No Other Meaning)

Nowadays, we do not have to travel far to get to cafes as many owners are setting up cafes around neighborhood. I found this cafe through Xiong's sister-in-law and surprisingly, it is located just few bus stops away from my house. NOM is one of the cafe which served rainbow cake and i am obviously there for their cakes! ( Who doesn't love colourful stuffs?)    

It was a five minutes drive and Xiong parked his car just outside Macpherson Community Centre. NOM cafe was opened in February this year and it is only about 4 months old. 

Oh yeah! They served brunch too! I will be back for the brunch one day!

As it was near dinner, Xiong and I ordered some sides and main course.

And let's move on to ...
Tada! Oero Rainbow cake!

There are actually 2 types of rainbow cakes: Salted caramel and Oero. But we tried Oero instead. The rainbow cake is really nice and moist. 

Oh ya! I was eating there enjoying my food! Thank Xiong for the picture.

It is also a family-friendly cafe as the team has dedicated one small area for kids!

Sorry for the side view!

If you notice, this mini playground resemble the one at Toa Payoh.

Credit to NHB 

If you are staying around Macpherson area, do check out this cafe at:

Macpherson Community Club
Level 1 -400 
Paya Lebar Way
Singapore 379131
Tel: 6747 3839

Open : 11am -11pm daily

Signing off here


  1. Got one more flavour! chocolate. but sold out i think.

    1. So sad, let's go back and check out again ! :P