My audition at 绝对Superstar 2014

After 8 years, 绝对 Superstar is back! And this time, i was there for the audition.

Remembering last year, Xiong was telling me: If got the next 绝对 Superstar, i will sign you up. And i told him, if there is lor. ZZZZZ But who knows... It is back in the following year! As Xiong had strongly made his stand last year, i felt that i couldn't let him down as he was so excited about it. I did contemplate a while whether to go for this audition but in the end, i printed the application form and filled them up.

I decided to go for the audition.

Early Saturday morning, Xiong woke me up at 7.30am (even earlier than the time i wake to go work), chose my clothes, did my my usual make up and off we went!

We were there at about 9.30am but there were already lots of people queuing for their superstar dream.We joined in the queue shortly.

The queue to registration

More queue

The queue at the carpark

More people

Mediacorp was strict with their security as all cars were checked before entering carpark.

There were lots of people there: Youngsters, boy/girl band, friends, pregnant lady, aunties and uncles and grandma. Of course, Singapore practices priority queue for those who need more than I do.

I was in the queue when i took this picture. The most elderly contestant. *Respect* 

许振荣 is tall and handsome!! 

I was in one of the cameras shouting: 绝对Superstar, 有你就有他! And some photos!

After 4-5 hours of waiting time, we were put into the canteen,waiting for our turn. There were many of us. Some of them were practicing their songs, some were resting and there were also others who were chatting away. 

I was chatting with another contestant while waiting for my turn. As time was running out, all contestant were only allowed to sing Chorus. 

When it was finally my turn ( about 2.10pm), the crew called out my number and i walked over to prepare myself. 

Canteen (our waiting area)

I was behind the door with another contestant.
As the glass door wasn't insulated, i could clearly hear the other contestants singing. I could only say that all of them , yes, ALL OF THEM could really sing! 

When it was my turn, i took the microphone from the previous contestant and walked in. There were 3 judges, 3-4 camera man, 1 assistant and 1 big camera looking at me. I positioned myself and began introducing my name and my song. And i began to sing.... After 30 seconds, i finished my song, said "thank you" and walked off. The judges did not rang the bell at me but (i guess i would not be able to make to the next round).

After the whole audition, i was so relieved. Never been this relief before. It was finally over. And whether i will be in or not, let's wait till this weekend!

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Never knew i would be there for the audition. If it was 10 years ago, i would never talk or dare sing in public. All the thick-skinned comes with age. But thinking about it, i had never regret going for the audition. It was worth trying or otherwise, i wouldn't have gone if i am much older. 



  1. Wow so proud of you ah Mei!!!!!! :)

    You have really grown up. :) so happy that you were able to overcome boundaries and take such a huge step. More to come I believe! :)

    1. Haha, never expect I would be there. Just try it out, no regrets! >.<

  2. Yes, Just do something when you are young with no regret ^^

    1. Yea! If you see I pick up my phone this week mean I might have chance to 2nd round hahaha!