Artica Hair Studio at Far East

Oh Yes! Finally had the kind of hair colour i want.

I did contemplate for a while whether or not should i go for extra-ordinary colours such as ash green, blue, block red, or pink. In order to ensure that my company allowed, i even asked my boss if i was able to dye my hair (Well, image plays a very important role!). Surprisingly, he said: I don't care ~!

Well, that's where i decide to go for a change.

Book my appointment at

The salon was fully booked on Saturday. Due to an accident on PIE, i was late for 15 minutes! I called up to inform of my lateness (I am responsible!) Though i was late, none of them showed me attitude but welcomed my warmly. As i did not had my lunch, i packet Old Chang Kee Curry puff and had them in the salon. 

My hair stylist was Bell. She was very nice! She patiently explained the type of hair colour techniques and the results. I did not have much questions as I knew what i wanted... and so.. it all begins...

Bell divides my hair in section and started bleaching them layer by later.

Those aluminum on my hair. 

Meantime, enjoying my old chang kee

As it takes time to bleach my hair, i took out my curry puff and started eating away. I was glad that none of the stylist stopped me from eating and neither the customer sitting next to me felt disturbed by my food. I was really hungry X.X

My face goes :\
The bleaching process was almost completed.

Saw the patch of hair which had been bleached. 

After she washed out the chemical on the bleached hair, she continued to apply violet hair dye on my hair. 
Putting layer and layer of aluminum on head

After applying the violet, Bell put on the plastic over my head and brought over the heater. Though i had no idea what was that heater for but i didn't like the heater. I felt the heat was over my whole head, felt like scorching sun burning my head without hair. I tried to sit away from the heater as i felt really uncomfortable. 

After washing off, i did treatment.

I know my head is very round.

Xiong had his haircut already and was waiting for me to finish. The hair treatment lasted 20 minutes  (10 minutes for step 1 and 10 minutes for step 2).

He was so tired that he tried to sleep at the salon.

When the treatment was over, the final step: Hair cut!

And the final result is...

Chocolate base and block violet. 

The colour really shows when i tied up my hair

Pink? Purple?

Bell told me that the purple would first fade to pink before turning blond.

I 'lomo' the photo to make the colour appear obvious

If you are looking for a good salon to do ombre, block or highlight. Artica Hair Salon is up to the job for hair colours. You can visit the website for a list of hair colour for inspirations.

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #04-64
Singapore 228213
Tel: 6836 2891

Operating hours
Monday- closed
Tuesday - Friday: 11:30am to 9:00pm
Weekends and Public holiday: 11:30am - 8.00pm

Luckily ah po still can recognise me!! :D 


  1. Couldn't tell it was so pink when I saw u leh! But I could see the red though..

    1. I washed my hair too many times already I think :(