Company 2nd Anniversary on Yacht (Part 1)

I haven been blogging for a week. And when you procrastinate, this is what happens: My posts might be up all at once!

Last week was very busy with our company anniversary! We had to look for comapny which does custom-made caps, planned some games and foods. There are also other jobs to follow up on and not forgetting to have a nice dinner with our Taiwan colleague. 

It was a holiday for our company last Friday. Most of us came to work late as our boss wouldn't be coming into office. I woke half an hour late only as i needed to collect company caps.

Early birds!

 I was in my tee-shirt and shorts. Never had i been this rebellious haha! But because our company anniversary was held at the yacht, we ought to dress up appropriately :X As we rented the yacht at 1.00pm, we left office 1 hour earlier to avoid jams near Sentosa.

You will be bombarded with photos!

Whole lots of different yachts at One Degree 15 Marina

Though it was a Friday 13th, the weather was really good! We were lucky! We managed to meet the rest at the entrance near Crystal Jade.

Before we entered the yacht, all of us had to remove our shoes so as to prevent scratches of the tiles on board. The interior looked totally new as if it hasn't been used before. Though it was small, it has all the basic facilities that we needed. There is also a microwave to heat our food!

We brought our barang barang such as mini games, foods, drinks and some beers. 

The yacht interior. Bottom deck is fully air-conditioned. Staircase led you to the upper deck which is open air.

Going one floor down will lead you to the bedroom.

Mini Fridge.

The upper deck which is open space. Great place for gathering 

The 2nd bedrom

Zoom in

And we lay the food on the table.

What a spread! Happy Danny!

This was what we were doing when we got on board. Taking photos everywhere!

And we got naughtier, trying to take over the captain job. 

There was so much fun! We played and joked and walk about, running up and down the yacht just like little kids.

On all smiles everyone!

What a beautiful day!

The pretty girls !!

My boss's elder son Andy!

As the weather was getting hotter, most of us hid in the aircon room. 

My colleague's was crying as she was so afraid of the unsteadiness of the ship. 

Little girl was so scared. ! My colleague is definitely a good daddy!! * Thumbs up* 

He was hugging her throughout the first 2 hours as she was sobbing all the way.

A photo with Lawyer's daughter. She is so bubbly and cute!

And there is Mr and Mrs Hio. The loving married couples!

Vivian, Sue and ME!

After a good floating for goody 2 hours, the Captain stopped the yacht at Lazarus Island. Lazarus Island is like a no-man island but it has a beautiful beach. Currently, there is no ferry which could take you there except chartered yacht. It was a quiet place where grass were over grown and unkept.

Approaching the island

Hi Guys! All of us were finally on the island! Te bridge looked newly built and clean.

Kitty welcomed the us. We were allowed to feed the kitties but none of us did that. 

Happy Family

Peaceful sight!

We walked along the path which is supposed to lead us to the beach

Sand Castle building.

Beautiful beach

Random shot

Boss took a photo for us!

When we returned the yacht, we prepared some games and ended the yacht trip at 4.30pm.

When we got back on land, all of us were feel so sweaty and tiring but happy. The whole trip was so joyful as i had definitely enjoyed the whole journey.  And all of us went back to prepare for the dinner at night which start at 7.30pm. 

I shall post Company Anniversary part 2 shortly.

To find out about the rental of the yacht, check them out here: Yacht Charter Singapore 

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