Isehan Gel Eyeliner

Got this baby from Taiwan this year. Though i had lots of cosmetics at home, i had never really done any reviews on them.

This product is available in Watsons! I was kinda of shocked when i saw this as i though they are not selling locally. As for the price, you might have to check out at their stores.

Bought this from Shop86 in Taiwan. I believe many of you who are very into cosmetics are familiar with this retail. This shop is like a heaven to me. I can shop for hours and hours without knowing my stomach is hungry. That's the charm of Shop 86! Check out shop86 here . They carry cosmetics and beauty products which are very popular among bloggers in Taiwan. And when im there, i never fail to leave the shop with a big shopping bag :X

Back of the packaging

Eyeliner and brush

Brush is soft and easy to glide on.

This is my 2nd gel eyeliner actually. Honestly, i was never a fan of gel eyeliner as i can remember how horribly it smudged when I was out till late night last time (when i was still in school). That was many years back and since then, i would only go for felt pen and crayon. Perhaps primer wasn't invented back then. And so, i threw the whole bottle away just like that ($13 was still money to me T.T). 

But this is different. Isehan Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner can really last the whole day even without primer. And mind you, i have oily lids!  

Drew it on the back of my hand

Dark enough, easy to draw and control the thickness of your eyeliner. And importantly, i did not have a primer on. 

After a few rubs... ...

After few rubs

The colour did turn slightly lighter but it did not smudge as much. The line still stays in its position.


Using eye-make up removal, you can see how easily the ink dissolves and with one rub... ...

It is removed without much hassles. It doesn't leave any black stain which some of the eyeliners do.

After all, i felt that this is one good smudge-proof product. But gel-eyeliner can be difficult for beginners who just started out their make-up (I tried it before years back and was a huge flop :X). Nevertheless, practice makes perfect!

Do look out for this product in the market and hope this short review helps ^^  


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