Universal Studio Singapore (USS) at night

Thanks to my babe's boyfriend, Xiong and I had a chance to visit Universal Studio at night!

Universal Studio Singapore

After work, i met them at Vivocity at about 7.00pm before taking monorail to Sentosa. I was told that some of the rides were extended and all of us were really excited about it. 

As soon as we walked in, Frankenstein was in the middle of the pave taking photos with public. 

Ran over to Frankenstein to take a photo with him.

After that, we walked in and saw the Minions Mart. I think it was new because i hadn't seen it the last time i was there. So we went in to check it out.

And you know, they sell products which had minions faces everywhere. Their mugs, soft toys, towels etc. 

Jassy and I

The sky got darker as it was near 8.00pm. As I am not a professional photographer, my photos quality get lousier the darker the USS is. For the next few photos, i tried my best to shoot good photos but it doesn't appear to be what i want. I should really learn how to adjust those settings instead of setting to automatic mode. 

And the night begins... ...

Came to the Sesame Street and the kiddy ride.

And the lights in USS shine even brighter... ...

Xiong and I

And the tall couples

As we need to queue 30 minutes for the transformer ride, we walked on to play the Lost World.

This photo is just bloody blur.

The Lost World is a water ride, Jasmine had long prepared poncho for each of us. How meticulous she is! 

Taken from iphone front camera

Ready for the ride!

Jas and Colin sat back-facing the current, eventually they were wetter than me and Xiong haha! And up next, The Mummy... ...

We didn't get to ride on the roller coaster as it was under maintenance. 

Another kiddy boat ride!

Lastly, we managed to get on to the transformer ride after 40 minutes of queuing!

Our happiness ended very quickly at 11.30pm and Xiong sent all of us home. We were sweaty and tired but luckily, we managed to hop on the 2nd last monorail to Vivocity (Cannot imagine we had to walk all the way back to Vivocity!!). And alas, we were all home safely by 1am.     

And that's how we ended our Friday's night !! ^^    

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