Youtube Fan Feast 2014

I was so glad to attend Youtube Fan Fest 2014 last weekend!

The YouTube FanFest with HP brings YouTube's biggest superstars from SouthEast Asia and around the world to Singapore for an exclusive live show on May 24th and 25th! -

Thanks to MapWerkz, i was able to have this opportunity to meet the local Youtube Channel productions!

The place was held at SCAPE and there were fans queuing up to meet them upclose! During our meet up, there were fans screaming for their favourite artists! 

They are very friendly and funny!

A group photo with them!

After the fan meet session, we went to the print out the photos next to the escalator. Over here, this HP printer allowed us to print directly from SD card. 

I was here!

Do check them out their videos: UMeAndHara and Cheokboardstudios.  They made really good short entertaining films! UMeandHara uploads new video every Monday (They try their best) while Cheokboardstudios is a Singapore Youtube Channel where he creates film who can relate to everyone! 

Check out and subscribe to their channel! 

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