Company 2nd Anniversary @ Mouth Restaurant (Part 2)

After the whole afternoon at sea, i was given 30 minutes to bath and do my make-up before Boss fetched us from home. Company dinner was held at the Mouth Restaurant in China Square at 7.30pm. 
We were caught in the jam and ended us the last party to reach the dinner. 

Let's start with white wine.

All of us gathered around 

As we employees sat a table ourself, we felt relief and comfortable chatting among ourselves :X

The quality of the photos below did not seem to be good :(

The suckling pig, lobster salad and chicken were really nice. As for the rest of food, i felt it was pretty normal. 

Enough of food! I shall upload some photos of ourselves!!

Me, Kris, Fion and Martin

The other half of my colleagues haha

Mr Yeo taking selfie  using my camera! Great Shot!

VVIP is not here.. so means i can upload the photo haha!

Then, Kris, along with others voted me to sing a song. I sang it forcefully :| Thanks dear, i will never forget what you did to me.

Wonder why the photo so blurry.

Yuna dancing to PSY music. 

End of the dinner. As my camera was condensed, there is this foggy effect. 
I am forever camera ready. 

And the day ended at 10pm! 

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