THE TIRAMISU HERO CAFE & Reality Room Escape Game - Freeing SG《 逃出狮城 》

Oh Yea!! 2013 is almost near to an end (though it is only November). But still we are already into NOVEMBER! Come on, we got our pay check, paid the bills and getting forever-so-ready for the trip for Taiwan next month.

I had to leave you for a few days honey.. ... I will miss you.. I will buy you whatever specs you need and hopefully i got them right this time. I will show you that i had the 豪大大鸡排 if i ever go to Shilin...

Alright! Time to update what my days were like few days back... ...

We had a new colleague last week. A New Zealander this time! Now our company has turned into an International corporation! We support immigrants from all countries and races! Our new colleague is very courteous. He says 'thank you' to everyone who did a small favour to him.

During weekend, I had a mini gathering with my babes again. This time, at Tiramisu Hero.

I order a chicken chop with cappuccino.

The food was very healthy. It tastes bland. The whole meal was just salads and one piece of chicken. This meal cost me $17. The cappuccino was not as good as it is rather bland as well. Overall and all, my babes and i spent a total of $95 bill in this cafe, feeling not well fed. Seriously, we felt that the food was over-priced and the taste could be better. Of course, we had to have desserts after our main course. Ultimately, it's called Tiramisu Hero.

We had the strawberry flavour as well as original .. The original one is not in the photo.

Opening the lid

The jar cost cost us $7.50 and for 2 mini jars, they had cost us $15. The taste could be better.

It was a new cafe opened by some blogger which my babes mentioned about. Don't ask me who as im not the type of girl who is very inquisitive about blogger's life and privacy.

Anyway, if you hunting for a nice ambiance with the tai tai lifestyle of tea break, don't mind trying

The Tiramisu Hero CAfe
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207545
Tel: 6292 5271

You might just love the ambiance there.

Took some photos before the cafe.
The Panda Head pose. Jas told us that its a must to take photo with this head as all the others did so before leaving the cafe. And so we did too.

A photo together. Dear told me to smile, showing my teeth. Well, i never like showing them off because they were crooked.

Perhaps i should really try showing my teeth

The plain look.

Jas was testing my camera for iphone 5s. I know you love it! 

On Sunday, dear and i had an appointment with his friends. Tee Peng had booked come 5D at Bugis plus. Its called: 5D Reality Room Escape Game《 逃出狮城 》 . It was my first time hearing such thing. So.. we decided to give a try. We met up for dinner at Bugis Plus, having some raman before heading to the top most floor of the building. 

What we have to do was to find a group of maximum 8 persons and solved some puzzle within 45 minutes in a room. There is some scenerio that we were in and we were supposed to find clues to escape  the rooms. So... use our brains! It was quite fun and scary at the same time. It was fun looking for clues and stuffs like that but it wasn't fun if you have to face the creepy things lie underneath somewhere. It was overall a good experience to crack your head and get them moving.

They have rooms like the Kunfu dragon, silent unplugged? Different levels and rooms for you to try out. However, the charges were rather expensive. For every game that you played, we had to pay about $112 and above, depending on which game we were playing.

Still, it was a good experience for us. For people who like such reality games, do drop by

Singapore's 1st 5D!Reality Room Escape Game - Freeing SG <逃出狮城〉

201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ Level 07-04/05/06/07 , Singapore, Singapore 188067
Tel: 6604 9110

You have to booked appointment online.

And some photos that we took:


On the following day, i had my driving test at 11am. I thought i was ready but somehow i did not fare well. I was given immediate failure for doing improper actions that might cause accident.

Very funny .

But i guess i will still take the test again next year.


What should i eat ne... Hmmm...

In deep thoughts.. I am a very good photographer 
On Iphone 5s

And that is what happened over the weekend... ...

Will be updating soon after my trip to Batam!


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