Tosowoong Eyeliner Review

Last week, i bought Tosowoong Gel eyeliner from Gmarket from this seller.

I read review that they are
: Waterproof
: Vibrant colours
: Easy to draw

And i decided to give a try! I ordered on 20th November and it came to on 26th November 7pm. It cost me $21.30 including shipping cost. The eyeliners are packed in a metal box and seller gave me some samples to try.

Here its how it looks like:

Pretty box

When you opened the box, the eyeliners are nicely placed in each slot. There are 5 colors: Pearl Black, Brown, Burgundy, Gold and Beige. Just like the reviews, the colours are vibrant and bright! You can see the shimmering glitter on each colors.

The black eyeliner

Seller gave me a free lipgloss ! While stock last

The samples given from seller too!They are just what i needed!

After rubbing
After rubbing, The colours are still there and not smudge at all! Most incredibly, the glitters were still there.

For a price like this, it is really worth buying. So far, Korea brands make good eyeliners. Since i started using eyeliner, i have been using various brands like the faceshop, maybelline, tattoo 1 day feltpen, urban decay etc. So far, only the korean brands did not disappoint me. Tosowoong is perhaps one of the next eyeliner i will use.

Hope this helps!

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