Happy 28th!

Happy birthday Vivian!

Yesterday, we had a mini celebration for her in office. Boss called me up and go to the loading bay after 10 minutes. I acted on his instructions and went to the loading bay below office. When he came, he told me to hop on, and so i did. Then he started driving to the Breaktalk HQ nearby. We settled on a Black forest, requested a 28th years old candles and went back to office after that.

Candid shots

Including our new colleague

A proper one + present

Birthday girl

And so... we sang the song together:

Oh hey! Where are you looking ?!
Blowing out the candles

Cut the cake and leave the rest to me!

It was a regular size cake but none of us were able to finish it. And importantly, we needed to keep one slice for our big boss. After celebrating together, we sat in the meeting room to chat until 6pm!

Time to go home!!

Hope you had lots of joy on your birthday Vivian!

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