A date with The Little Brush make-up tutorial + updates

Hi guys! Im late in blogging this month.

June is indeed a busy month for all of us and i haven been updating anything since Jay Chou's concert. But wait! There's more to it.

Lemme see... ... On 1st week of June, we are busy with goods coming to our office.. But before that, we had a makeup lesson with my sis and my very cute colleague at tiong bahru. I took a photo with my sis, which i felt our makeup was too thick.  We learnt lots of makeup techniques at the lesson and we seriously love their products.


They are using lancome, urban decay, MAC, macc.. and more mac! We tried lots of different products on our face and at the end of the day, this is how we looked:

Did we scare you?

Looking from the pic, its time for me to invest in a bronzer. My face seriously looked round. My colleague ran off pretty fast and i didn't even have the time to take a photo with her. As usual, she ran pretty fast. 

Then upcoming , we have a new colleague joining Eurustech family. A young girl with an age of my own. However, i ended up in taiwan after 2 days of her presence. And my life in taiwan was already blogged. After i came back from taiwan, our company was planning for our 1st anniversary program. Also, our customers from taiwan were invited to attend our party. For the whole week, the new girl and i brought our guests out , from riverside to mbs to uss. It was definitely enjoyable, but tiring. Back in office, other colleagues were busy printing card and name tag for all the attendees. Well, our company has grown from 4 to 6! Then after that week, we were somehow still busy with other things and now we are reaching month end. 

Dear has been very tolerant and understanding of my job requirements. I really appreciate it. Over the weekend, he has to work in the afternoon while i spend my day at home, watching some boring videos on youtube. On Sunday, we had a short visit to granny's place before he left for work. 

We have been together for 1 yr 4 months. Yet i feel our love never change. To me, you are still your good old self who always respect and care for me. You never failed to open doors for me and will always carry heavy things for me. 

Of course, i also appreciate my parents when they allow you to stay over my house.

 Right now, i felt blessed and happy😁.

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