A day at Hatched for brunch ♥

Last Sunday, my dear brought me to a nice brunch at Bukit Timah: Hatched.
The food and everything was good. But.. i did not take a photo of it. The photos were with my honey and he kept them. If you read this, please help me upload your photos okay?

The shortest shirt i wore in my life!

As usual my Egg benedict (kris) :p

As usual her Salmon (elf) :D

Some camwhoring in the car after the brunch.

26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Tel: +65 6735 0012
Closed on Monday

I also got my iphone 5s. Dear sold the iphone 4S at $360. Iphone is so much ligher! My hand got so numb and tired after holding iphone 4S on my bed. With iphone 5s, i enjoy the light weight and wider screen. As usual, i bought my diamond screen protector from Qoo at $3.80 for front and back. It looks almost like my old phone after putting on the purple cover. Dear said that the purple cover make my iphone looked cheap. Nevertheless, i love my phone. Get me some nice covers will you honey?  :x

Hold my hands to sleep... ..
Rila bear: When you you get up from my leg... ...

Test on the new iphone front camera.
Result: Not bad
With photoshop: Perfect!

Oh! I received this parcel (Thank god! Finally) from the seller. It was a self-assembled drawer to put my cosmetic and stuffs like that. I bought a pink for myself and a blue for my sister. As it was made of wood, it was heavy.

Opening the parcel, this is how it is like. There is an instruction for you to follow so that it will look like a drawer when u assembled finished. I took less than half an hour to complete it. It is big and handy. Definitely a good organiser. It cost me $16 for one.

Almost complete. Leaving one more drawer to go.

Ta-da! The final product! Its look pretty and practical. If i need more, i will buy more!

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