I ♥ my weekends! Part 2

Not a short get away, but my time with him again.

Sunday was kind to us. The morning was sunny till afternoon. As he had slight headache  i made him pop some pills before to sleep. While i, washed some clothes, towels and mop the floor. 

Afternoon, we visited Rilakkuma Cafe. It was located within the office areas. As it was weekend, the office building was quiet and there was no one around. We navigated around and took the stairs to level 2. Finally...

Im hugging you korilakkuma! You blocked my face!

Rila in jar

My dessert set!


Why are you taking my food...

Time to put you away

The bears (雄)(熊)

We even took the costume to wear.


Join the bears at

Midview Building, 50 Bukit Batok St 23, #02-17, S659578

To visit the theme cafe, join the bears at

Midview Building, 50 Bukit Batok St 23, #02-17, S659578

The craziness!

We left the place, thinking of the next destination. I googled and found Little Guilin is just nearby!

So we decided to check it out.

According to Xiong, he said that most of the older films were taken there. When we reached here, i can see why.

I never knew Singapore could have some natural reserves among HDB flats!

Hi Hon!

We wrapped up the day with our dinner at Manhattan in star vista. 

I just love my weekends!

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