Batam 2nd Day!

Hi Guys, back to my blogging days. But this time, im in office. Now, half of our office manpower is gone but still, i will blog only when i had finished my work. Please don't get me wrong. I do my work as diligently as before.

Anyway, I shall continue my blog on Batam 2nd day!

I had a rather good sleep on Sunday, though i was kicked and elbowed by my little brother through the night. He is just one little tiger cub who kicks me real hard in my butt while he was sleeping. He had almost rolled over me and took 3/4 of the bed, making me to squeeze with Xiong. and yea, the three of us slept on the extra king size bed together -.- Good life to mum and dad.

The breakfast in Goodway Hotel was very early. They started at 6am and ended at 10am. We were there at about 8.30am. The food wasn't very nice as compared to bangkok but still, it was decent to me.

The restaurant

The orange juice was somehow... very delicious

I had some guo tiao, cereal, sausages, and eggs. That was my breakfast. I seriously did not have a lot and i was quite hungry in the afternoon. The restaurant was not smoke -free and there was just one irritating smoker sitting behind of us. 
Trying to blow me away

After we had some light breakfast, we went back to our rooms to be prepared to check out. I bathed first.. followed by the 2 boys. Boys are just so lazy to move about. No matter how many times i nagged at them to bath. their bums just seems so heavy to even lift up an inches away.

We check out at 1+ and starting roaming around Batam. We were going to Mega Mall Batam.
It was a short ride to mega mall batam but it costs us 85,000 rupiah. It is very expensive but the hotel assure that the taxi drivers drove us to the place directly. And so we hopped on the taxi. It was a private cab. Private cabs are those who drove with their cars like honda, toyota etc without the lamp on their cars. It was a good money really.

Mega Mall

The interior

We had Ding Cha there!
Mega Mall was really small, small small. We had combed the area within hours and all they had were stores selling clothes and their Matahari (department stores like BHG) and one hypermart which sell slightly expensive stuffs compared to OGHome. It is located next to Batam ferry and you definitely can see lots of Chinese there. The shopping ended like 3 hours before our driver came to pick us up at the entrance. There isn't anything much to shop in Mega Mall except to buy some groceries and foodstuffs. Xiong and mum bought some kuah lapis and koropok. Then after shopping, we rested at the basement A&W again, wanting to eat their waffle. But then again, we were told that waffles were sold out and we couldn't get to eat again.

The overview of Mega Mall

Always pose with A&W
At the A&W

A&W again


The car which sent us to Harbour Bay Ferry

Slacking with the swinging chair

Leaving in disappointment, we left for our ferry. Our ferry was leaving at 7.00pm but as my dad was so afraid of traffic jams, we left the place at 3.30pm. Imagine we had to wait for 3.5 hours at the departure. There were shops opened and we went back to the aunty house to purchase more goods from her. While waiting, we had some breads and my dad had another cups of coffee, taking photos and slacking our time away.

At 6.00pm, we were walking slowly to the departure hall. As we saw people were queuing up, we joined the queue too. When the counter was opened, all of us move slowly to enter the custom clearance. But! we were stopped by the security, saying that we should start queuing at 6.30pm because they are opened for another batch of passengers for 6.30pm. And so.. we waited again at the departure entrance. So much for the jams and everything and yet it turned out to be a scam. Anyway, we were there early so we did not have to be worry about not being able to return Singapore.

Then again, at 6.30, custom check opened for us and we walked in steadily. 

Our boarding pass

At the port?!
The ferry  we took was diffferent from the one we took to Batam. This one was fully air conditioned , even for the upper deck. The inner cabin was clean and comfortable and most importantly, air conditioned!! This ride to Home was definitely a comfortable one! 

The ferry


Finally reached Singapore

Homed! We went to the nearest food court in search for food before dear sent us home:) 

It was still a wonderful overseas trip !! 

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