I ♥ my weekends!

Shopping time!

I love my weekend, as always. On afternoon, we made our way down to Isetan as dear had to work in the afternoon. At Isetan, I bought my Clarins Lift-Affine Visage serum. A serum which is applied on face with 7 unique steps patent from Clarins. Helps in face slimming and that was why i bought it. I hoped that my face will be visibly slim by the time i finished using the bottle.

The Christmas set 50ml X 2 cost me $173. My sister and i were going to share the cost  >.< As Isetan were having some promotion, i intended to spend till $200 so that i can redeem $20 voucher. At i was only $27 away, i coerced dear to buy underwear and one lock and lock container.

After doing some of our shopping, we were hungry! Stopped by at some Japanese food store at Ion B4.

Playing some phone  before eating

After eating some food, we rested and chat. Saw my colleague but didn't catch up as he was walking too fast. That's the advantages of having long legs. As it was the official lights opening at Orchard road, dear and i decided to walk about the pavement. The lights were in white and blue this year. Big christmas tree at the entrance of Ion. 

I wasn't really very expecting much of it as every year lighings were almost the same. 

Why stand so far behind me?!

Photo with chrstmas tree


The lights along orchard road

The decor in front of Centrepoint
After a day, time to look forward to Sunday!


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