Navy at Vivo + Kreme Doughnuts

Hello Guys!

Last weekend my love had balloted some tickets to visit the Navy ship at Vivocity.

On Saturday, i woke up, feeling happy as i knew i had a full day dating with my love. And so i got up, prepared and pick my outfit carefully. Also, i tried using my newly bought hair curler from Qoo10 BabyBliss hair curler at $67. It was pretty easy to use definitely. However, mine wasn't the original stuff. The original BabyBliss hair curler could be bought from Far East at $139.

Can view from my colleague's blog: Click here!

A bit failed . This is the problem with med hair length

A closer look of the curls.
The traffic was smooth and we managed to reach there on time. We boarded the ship at 1pm and started exploring the humongous navy ship.

The Navy Endurance

Smile !

This Navy guy is so friendly! He was standing there waving to everyone !
When we reached the deck, there was a navy helicopter. Parents and children were crowding the helicopter taking photos.

My hair is really weird!

The helicopter

Sick Bay

Some facts

I was so glad that i did not wear heel  or slippers on that day. The stairs were really steep and uneven. In order to go to the next floor, you will really need to lift you leg up one by one. The elders and kids had difficulties going up and down the stairs. But there were navy personnel were there to help them up and downs.

The door to the other passageway

Their mess


What an expression!

Their gym

Upper Deck

Control room

What an expression again

Ready for the boat ride!

By the time we finished exploring the ship, it was almost 2pm. We queued and waited for the boat ride patiently. There were elders and children. Child below 90cm were unable to attend the ride i think.

Putting on the life vest

On board!

On Board!

When we were out in the sea, i sensed something bad: The grey clouds.

Part of Singapore is already raining. Captain was trying to steer us away from the dark clouds but still, we were caught in the rain. The raindrops fell on us hard and i could really feel the impact of the droplets. In the end, all of us were drenched. When we reached the ship, the navy personnel provided  towels to wipe ourselves.

My curled hair became straight immediately.

There's goes my bouncy hair. What was worst that i had applied a bit of wax on my curls. My hair had instantly turned into mee kia. Bad hair day.

No doubt for the bad hair day, we still need to fill our stomachs.

We settled our lunch at The Chicken Rice shop!

Ready to order food

This meal caters for 2 pax. The set costs about $24.90 and they include one roast chicken, one fried butter chicken, one plate of vegetable, 1 fishball soup and 1 plate of pie tee. Haha! Can anyone enlighten me what is that plate?

On Sunday, dear dated me to a movie: Captain Philips.


We had dinner at pontian wantan mee in Far East. We had fried mars bars for desserts and it was delicious. Dear definitely will go back for more!

As our movie started at 9.40pm, dear and i decided to visit Kreme Doughnuts. It is located at the Basement of C.K Tangs. We took the escalator besides Tangs and ta-da, we reached their outlets. There was one long queues and we see people taking away dozen and dozens of donuts.

Dear and i decided to queue. As usual, we chose the original and bought 2 donuts on the spot.

Food Tasting

Dounut 2

Food Tasting
Overall verdict

The glazed donuts were delicious. They are just different from other donuts. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The coated sugar on the donuts made the taste just right. However, the chocolate donuts wasn't as good.


Worth to queue but not worth the price. A dozen of donut cost me $23.40 and $2.60 for each piece.

Krispy Kreme Tangs Orchard
310 Orchard Road, 
Singapore 238864

After trying out the donuts, dear and i walked about Isetan before catching our movie at 9,40pm.

A photo together! 



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