Hunger Game - Catching Fire

I am back! to help dear blog a bit.. :p

Like what dear had said, I have been busy for the past few days. Busy with work, duties, and school. Thought that I could rest and enjoy for 2 days (which is yesterday and today) but who knows! I got activated back to work pm shift today. Sorry dear. Cant pei you though its TGIF.. :(

Anyway, I did enjoy yesterday though. So do dear. She also said that she is very happy yesterday. As usual, she worked from 9am to 6pm. As for me, I sleep at home waiting for the night to come.  At around 6pm, we decided to book 2 X IMAX LIDO ticket online for "Hunger Game 2: Catching Fire" @ 945pm. We always wanted to try the IMAX but due to the limited show that is available on IMAX, we only manage to try it yesterday!

700pm to 745pm - dear shop her beauty product @ Sephora.. :p

At around 745pm, I met dear @ Ion Orchard as I only can drive after 7pm. We decide to have our dinner @ Monster Curry (suggested by me). We ordered a plate to share. A Big plate - named Mountain Monster Curry which consist of shabu shabu, pork Katsu, Sausage and Chicken Karaage. It taste good and filling ! Just that the shabu shabu is a bit fatty..

After that, we just walked around Ion and Isetan before heading over to Shaw LIDO for our movie.
Ready for Movie!
Ok. So our experience for IMAX: It is just a movie theatre with a slightly bigger concave screen, a better sound system and a better screen quality. And it cost $20 dollars for a normal IMAX without 3D. Worth it or not is up to individual :p

As for the movie, the running time is 146mins. However, we feel that the show is so-so only. We were also quite confused about the ending.
Anyway, according to wiki, there will be part 3 and it will be split into 2 parts (which I think is not good as it is 1 year apart. by then maybe we alrdy forget the 1st part). We shall see how the story goes.


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