Yeah, another week went by again. My mood just lightens up today :) I have full activities over the weeks. On Monday i went out to somewhere i can't remember :X Tuesday i meet up shiqi, had wanted to meet my friend to collect our urban decay items but she had not brought it, so in the end i went to Dear's house. On Wednesday, i headed over to Jassy house to come out itinerary for our BKK trip this Thursday. On Thursday i finally meet up my collegue at Orchard and shopping with me my mum at DFS. On Friday, had supposed to meet up Jassy again to trim her eyebrows but we were too tired to do so and it was postponed till today. Weekend was my working days.

Dear is going to finish his exam today. Fast fast! It been weeks since he then started to study. Finally its the last day today. And it is our... 3rd month anniversary. :) Love you dear, good luck!

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