Job Interview + updates

I went for my interview today. My first interview, it wasn't very sucky but i feel i am not the person of what they are looking for. Anyway, it was my first interview, i know i will not succeed the first time but there's lots of chances out there. Let me look for another better one.

Dear drove me to interview this morning despite tired. He had worked midnight shift again since yesterday and he had not caught a wink since. The only sleep he had was half an hour, while i was bathing. We had breakfast together at mcdonald before i went to the interview. After 40 minutes of interview, dear again drove us to Hougang, to meet my babes for a lunch. We had not met up with Adeline for a very long time. We passed her her present only. We shall catch up again another day soon!

After that went to Dear's house. He had to bathe while me , played with their dog. But something cropped up which made me felt 100% uncomfortable for few hours. I had supposed to meet ShiQi at 2.30pm but everything was pushed backwards to 4.30pm. We had to collect her naked palatte from my friend who works at Tangs. The naked palatte is so pretty! I will borrow from her someday when i needed it hahaha.

See the colours?

Pretty right!

ShiQi and i had went to town to source for items for scrapbook making. Of course we bought a number of items at Daiso. Cheap and reasonable quality. After we had finished shopping, we settled our dinner at ajisan. The white fish and gyoza had deproved. The taste was not like any bit of it from past. Totally spoil our appetite. Took a photo with Shiqi, turns out to be pretty good.

Take 1

Take 2!

We are suggesting to have erm picnic on this Saturday? Hope the weather will be fine :)

Few days back we had singing session with Tee Peng and Tan Fei. Sing sing sing! Been a month since we sang together again. We went to teo heng to sing from 10-1am after i ended work at 8pm. Release all my stresses from work! 

Sing along with me!

Not forgetting that we had some crazy photos today on his car. Though i was in a very uncomfortable state, i will still try to hold myself on to be happy. 


Dear was very patient with me when i was very uncomfortable. I did not want to talk or move about or be too active because any slight movement will make me even more uncomfortable. My cramps were kinda horrible today and had to walk quite a bit as well, it made my body really worsen. Seeing me in this behaviour, dear was trying to cheer me up but i can see he felt aching for me. He did sense that i want quietness and so he did not disturb me at all. Thanks dear, for being so understanding.. Its time he needed a good night rest. He had not slept for 24 hours and im afraid his body could not take it anymore. Sleep tight dear.

Lastly, post a photo of the writer of this blog

Sexy? Will i be paid better if i had use this photo during interview? Hey, watch where you are looking! 

Once again, love you dear :)

Dear was stunned by my tom shoes.

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