Xiong's 23rd Birthday!

On the actual day itself, Dear and his friend met up tee peng and tan fei at ikea for dinner. Tee peng and Tan fei were late! Dear was complaining to me haha. After half and hour passed by, tee peng finally showed up, and tan fei, was practically late for another 20 minutes haha. After eating our dinner, we went to bedok point to sing. It was already midnight and when the whole session ended, it was about 2.30am in the morning haha. It was the very first time im home this late. Dear still had work the next day but he managed to stay awake during his office hours. Amazing right?! Took some photos together too! I will upload them now:

The chicken wings at Ikea!

Taking polaroid together! Bear day!

See the 3 guys and the picture of the polaroid? Just nice 3 people respectively
On the way to taste paradise on 30th!

Another random shot at ion

Shots of birthday boy!

I can't photoshop this photo because of the lightings doesn't blend well :(

See wei teck de ... :(

Nice right!

See my dear de :P

LOL! C  u t e !

Our fypie!

Angela said no o.o

Foodie at taste paradise~~

See what my dear did to the food..

Dear on the cake its you lei :P
My plan for his birthday :)

His birthday present :D

Hope u have a happy day dear, muackz!!

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