Hihi readers, im back to blogging habits. Here to blog about the one week events... ... After my exams, i was posted to work in Robinsons in center point during the weekend. I had not much rest because i needed $_$ So I wasn't really slacking a lot. Somemore dear's birthday was near during that time so all the more i was still very uptight about the plans i had for him. When everything was finally over, I had some time to clear my books, going out for dinner with mum and friends and definitely, planning for bkk trip for this coming thursday. So far I had planned what to bring for our trip in case i had missed out some other important stuffs.

During that one week, dear has also been mugging hard for his exams. He took a week off to study 4 modules. Really wished him lots of good luck!! Muackz. After his birthday was over, he really put in lots of efforts in studying his exams. Everyday stayed at home to read read read. Hope he can really take it. As for me, i can't do much for him, but just to support him and bought him some supplement to replenish his body nutrients. He had also took some time out to have celebration with my sisters and even watched avengers with us! I just want him to join us for i see him that stressed up. As he could not get out of his house, what i can do was to visit him in a day or another.

Tomorrow will be your 1st paper. Dear ah, apply whatever you have learnt into your exam paper tomorrow. I know you can do it. Be brave to enter the hall k?? Bring your jacket along too. Your pencil case and pens, make sure they are working, bring your water bottle, your chicken essence. Remember to pray to tian king and guan yin, tell then what paper you are having, let them know and give you blessing, eat sweets and wear the proper colour too. All the best to you! Muackz! Your dear will be praying for you too.


Looking at menu

Looking himself in mirror and see what he is doing haha

Funny face haha

Mouth O

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