Another week since i blogged. The past week has been fun and exciting yet tiring. I had went to bangkok with my secondary school friends and my loved one. We shopped throughout the 6 days and walk 4 km in out if hotel everyday. Imagine how far we had walked during the 6 days. We bought a lot of items :) happy! Jas shopped till broke! Les did not buy a lot while me, is the happiest girl on earth! I nought 20+ clothes. 4 pairs of shoes, plus accessories! But i felt i shld buy more earrings! I want to go back again! Haha

Dear and colin bought their stuffs too. Though not as much me. They are happy boys too :x

After the trip, we went home, to start looking for jobs. I has not finished packing my items. Still have a lot to fo. These 2 days i have been working too. Seriously tiring but by next week, i should have my health back.

Mum and di had went to china for 10 days. Have no home cooked food for the next 1 week. Miss my mum cooking! Hope she will be back soon! Saying about this, i had forgotten to send her my brother results :x

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