Random thought + first visit at Da Hairdressing

Dear, 辛苦了. this few weeks you've been busy with many things like my birthday planning (surprising indeed :D) your last exam paper in your university life (if u not planning to further ur study), going to library borrow book and plan for bkk trips, helping me bringing me sweets, berry essence and travelling here and there.
Thank you dear for doing all this for me, giving me support and encouragement when i am feeling low and no morale to study.. Thanks for everything.. I love you dear.. Muackz!
Now you are not feeling well and and resting on bed bah.. Our bkk trip is coming so must stay fit fit! You are the prettiest dear i ever had and will ever had.. :D


Examinations are over! Happy for you dear :D Yesterday was our 3rd month anniversary. In the morning i had met jassy and ceyi to trim our eyebrows. While waiting for jassy at tampines interchange, i saw an old man dancing in the middle of the pavement. Everyone who walked past ignored him. No one really stopped by to look at him for a while, except those who are waiting for friends to arrive. But this old man just danced to his heart content. He was enjoying himself!

Sometimes it just made me ponder...

In this fast pace society where time waits for no man, people are always rushing and rushing. Some of them rushed for projects, some of them rushed to work, rush to eat, rushed to get the better deals in town. I was no exception. In my years of pursuing my education, i have always rushed myself to complete my work, my projects on time. Everyday i rushed to school, rushed to the bustop, rushed home, rushed to bath etc etc. There was never a time for myself. In my free days, i will work, i will meet my friends, clear my table, surf net, etc. I keep myself busy everyday. But when i looked back i asked myself: What am i busy with everyday? Why my time used up so fast? What happened one week ago? What am i doing one day ago at this time? What an i going to do now? What's for my plan tomorrow?

So far, I do make time for my loved ones around me, my family, my friend and my boyfriend, but i have not found the answer pertaining to this question: What is the meaning of 'Making time for myself'? I wasn't enlightened enough to understand this question. Perhaps the answer will come naturally to me when i am older.


Thanks dear for my haircut! He sponsored me for my new style yesterday!! Haha. Let's just try this once will do, we shall revert to the cheaper salon next time :X Zen cut our hairstyle, as recommended by ceyi. So this is the results:

My bombastic hair!

See the volume? I need to wax my hair in order to achieve this results. Dear loves my hair and kept nodding his head a lot. I like his hair too. But he doesn't seems to like it o.o He always hid behind me. But dear, thanks for this hairstyle!! U can help me style my hair too haha :P He's ending work soon. Time to pack luggage! 

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