Bangkok 2nd Trip

Truthfully, I still felt very tired since the trip from bkk. I had not been healing to my health. After coming back from bkk, there's lots of unpacking to do, lots of work to do. I hardly had any rest. Until now, I had not finished unpacking my items from bkk. My babes are the same too, had unfinished packages. What's more sian was that my beautiful nails are getting cui each day. All my bejeweled glitters are dropping off as i do housework everyday. I am going to make them back to good condition soon.

So far, i stopped working for work kitchen, as i had intended to since its time for me to find a stable job. I had not gone for any interviews yet but perhaps this week is where i will rest well. Shall begin my job hunt next week. Wonder what type of company will hire me >.< I am more afraid that i will not be interviewed at all! End up jobless is a bad thing

Yup, just back from bkk, i was very happy with my buys! Let me blog a bit on what happened over the 6 days (17th -22th May)

Day 1

We arrived at Bangkok, raining, airport was gloomy but the crowd was overwhelming. All of us were shagged, waiting at the custom to be entered. Total waiting time was close to half an hour. After all of us cleared the custom, we bought some sim cards and hired a cab to the hotel. The hotel was situated among those market, which made it quite inaccessible by car. Roads are squeeze and people are strolling altogether. There's not much regulations around the area. After putting down our luggage's, we took a cab to Chinatown and have our seafood dinner there. Had bought bird nest and shark fin for supper! Superb!

Day 2

All of of waked up early and our motive: TO SHOP! This time, we shopped at platinum mall. We walked all over to platinum mall to have our breakfast and practically shopped after filling our stomachs. It was a whole day at platinum. Shop shop shop!
At night, we walked over to Pantip plaza to look at electronics items. There isn't much of any casing but Jas wanted to take a look at Polaroid camera. And dinner was of course settled at A&W! Walk along the pratunam market was also heaven! Its just too much for shopping to do over there!

Day 3

Today, all of us had mcdonald big breakfast. Another day to have a good breakfast :D The whole day was reserved for Chatuchak! We took a tuk-tuk on that very day. In fact, i must say all of us are enjoying the ride haha. At chaktuchak , I splurged on those which i really liked. There much to see over there which could not really complete a day, so we went again the next day. At night, is our massage session. All of us were thinking to go to which massage so in the end we ended up in another massage parlour just beside the one i went to last year. It was a thai massage this time. The therapist was busy pulling my bones and muscles which my body cracked a lot on that day. It was kinda painful but worth the experience :|

Day 4

Mcdonald breakfast again! I order a muffin haha. We head down to chaktuchak for our last minute purchases. I bought quite a lot of items and dear bought 3 pair of shoes. Fast decision, i like :x I wasn't that bad either, i ended up 4 pairs of shoes at the end of the trip. At night was an exciting night for us. We were going to the Baiyoke  Revolving deck at the topmost floor. We took a lot of nice photos. The scenery was pretty. You can see the whole of bangkok from there. The dazzling bangkok, i can't forget how it looked it.

Day 5

All of us were quite tired from the past activities and so we skipped Grand Palace. The whole day was allocated for exploring town, MBK, Siam paragon, discovery center. Imagine we walked all the way to the orchard area of bangkok? The weather was crazy and so we were. I bought some naraya bags for self use. And im still waiting for the chance to be used :D At Big C supermarket, we bought lots of food, pocky, mangoes! Haha. At MBK was to hunt for our hp casing. I bought a casing for mum dad and sis and they like it a lot. Bought 2 for myself of course. Pamper my self :) Dear paid a lot for me as well. We did manicure after shopping at MBK and it was awesome! I loved my nails but now it was all destroyed :( Seriously sad. Dinner was simple as all of us had pizza and pasta :)

Last day,

One more time of shopping at platinum mall. Earlier morning had magee mee for breakfast. I bought a number of last minute goods, like clothes for my mum and those. At 4.30pm, our dirver came and fetched us to sirport. All of us were quiet and some of us even slept on the taxi! As checked in time was not open, we had to wait for half an hour before we could check in to have our dinner. Dinner was KNS though, but all of us were hungry. Then its time to board and come back to Singapore.

Some other photos of us:

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