My 23rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself! Thanks to all people who wished me happy birthday.
I had read your post this morning dear. I know u will blog for me :) Muackz. Officially 23 now.
I worked for a month already. Learnt a lot of things at work. Know my job scope. Know many things! Work is happy so far, for i had learnt lot of things, good colleagues and (good) bosses.

As today is my birthday, dear had kept some surprises for me. He always do. But this year, he made it so secretively that i never knew he prepared a lot of things for me. He's always so sweet. He ordered cupcakes as my birthday cake, buy food for my birthday, send me home from work, DIY birthday card, bought rila cup for me, a shirt, key chain (his name and mine 0.0). I feel that im the luckiest girl on earth :p

Right now, I have my friends celebrating birthday with me. Tomorrow i will be meeting my babes at orchard. Next tuesday meeting up my 5 flowers and this sunday meet up my pretty boy. Right now, my family celebrates with me too. These people around make my life wonderful and complete :)

Thanks you baby :D

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