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In one weeks time, i will be turning 23. Time passes so fast that just a moment ago, i had applied for my graduation ceremony on 23rd august. Looking back, i felt that everything had just happened too fast. I enrolled in rmit during 2009, with ceyi. We took the same course together. Both of us were so determine those years, to get a degree after diploma. We started school in 2010 and ended the 2.5 years course only few months ago. Then we met sharon, and the three of us just stick together throughout our uni days. We complained together, eat together and go home together. There's so much fun, as well as complaints. And we had been through many crazy assignments, crazy projects, crazy midnight oils just to get all assignments done. We learnt to use photocopied machines and photocopied all textbook because all of us were too poor to get even one. We sacrifice our weekend just to go school at times for an 3 hours lesson. And at times, skip lectures together and chased after bus 74 to get to Dover. At time, we scan our matric card for one another if any of us skipped lessons. So many so many crazy things.

Though the three of us always complains about workload, school's lousy management, stupid timing, lectureers' teaching, at the end, all these will just end up as memories. And what's more funnier, is that, somehow, these bad experiences becomes our good memories. Those young days are over, im missing school life. The times when we did our crazy stuffs only happen during school days. I bet i can never be as crazy again

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