New Job!

Its 3rd of july. My blog has already turned one! Time flies. And now its the 2nd week into my job. So far so good. Boss has been very nice to us but he has a very high standard. Things have to be spick and span, organised. No messy jobs at all. Perhaps it is good in a sense that we will maintain things in order. But what's most afraid was that people might have difficulties working with him.

One third of my time had gone into office and naturally, office has become my 2nd home. Until now, not many things has to be done for me as i guess, i will be busy when all those things had been settled. For 5 days, I will be eating out for lunch. I can really get sick and tired of it. The food out there wasn't as nice as a simple home cook dinner. You only appreciate such things as you get older. Kids now a days never know how lucky they are. I remember the days when i used to prefer eat out when my mum cooks, not eating those dishes that i dislike and threw away unfinished food in secret. Its until when i hit the age of working, i realise..... Home cook is not just a simple meal, its warmth that my mum gives us since young, to tell us that this is home, a shelter that keeps us safe and happy. Sadly to say, kids in these days are so pampered that they take happiness for granted. Even at this age, some adults never grow to understand.

Its also been weeks since i last jogged. Dear has also been starting his jogging regime. Im off to jog now!

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